Hi guys! AnimeMatch.com is an unique and nonprofit website. It was created as a platform where anime and manga fans could meet each other, where they can enjoy conversations, discuss Japanese art trends and news, speak about cosplay fashion, etc.

The main reason of our project's existence is a desire to help everyone who interested in anime/manga culture in such hard tasks as finding new friends, romantic relationship or even a lifetime partner.

Is it will be nice if your next and hopefully the last boyfriend or girlfriend will share your passion and interests? No more boring dates and dull evenings! Just grab your Naruto and Rei Ayanami costumes and go to a cosplay party or re-watch your favorite anime together

People, who say that common hobbies are not important in relationship are lying or speaking nonsense. With years passing more and more people who live together are asking themselves same questions: am I chose the right partner? What is really keeping us together?

If there is nothing you could do as a couple, if it is no activity both of you could participate together – there will be no happiness in such relationship.

Yes, there are successful couples who have little in common, and live together in peace and harmony no matter what. But their experience is a pure luck. Their perfect life is some sort of an exception of universal sad rule. And the rule is: only common interests help us not to hate each other in the long run…

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    AnimeMatch.com is not a typical dating website. We are not giving you just chance to browse through photos of men and women considering their looks only. We are giving you a tool which could help understand your future partner on deeper level. Before you and your chosen one will get involved in any romantic relationship you could know who he or she really is, what anime and manga series enjoy, or how exactly like to spend free time.

    Now lets talk about reason why. Why we are asking you to support us? We are small team with lack of financial resources with ambitious and advantageous project. We need money from you for two main reasons.

    1. We must to pay for website’s hosting, plugins and other web-technology stuff which help AnimeMatch.com keep going.
    2. We need to promote our website using popular web-platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. We also need to run our ads on many dating websites as well to absorb their traffic. And it is really expensive task. We can not help but pay and pay a lot if we want AnimeMatch.com became recognizable and well known brand among anime and manga fans. Without paid advertising who will know about AnimeMatch? Who will visit our website and create a new profile? Who will start a new interesting topic about modern Japan animation or share interesting cosplay photos?

    We decided to accept donations mostly because of the second reason. Our team just have not enough money to promote such big project as AnimeMatch.com. So help us. We will gratefully accept any money you could give, even as small as one dollar.

    Yes, we could start selling membership levels to raise some money, we could start showing profiles after paid subscription only as most of dating websites do… Many of them usually charge even for the ability to send messages to someone you like or view private photos. We will never do something like that! All features of our website are free and will be free always. AnimeMath.com is not a businesses, but a place for anime and manga fans to gather. It is online platform where you can find friends or your soul mate or just spend good time among people who you really like.

    PS: Please know, that every single penny of donated money will be spend on promotion only. We are registered as a nonprofit organisation within PayPal as a partner, and PayPal will not allow us to spend charity money in any way except promoting AnimeMatch.com

    With best regards, Evil Cookie
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