About us

Anime Match is a Fan Made website.

We do not started this project hoping to make money, become famous or something like that. We wanted to male some online platform, where Anime and Manga fans could speak with each other, where they could find new friends or even more close relationships.

With this goal in our minds the Anime Match website was started. It developed by anime, manga, and cosplay fans for anime, manga, and cosplay fans.

The unique design of this website was developed and created by group of volunteers with real passion to their work and otaku’s culture. We built complex but easy to use core, architecture for this project. Even right now we work hard, because there is always need to manage our servers, and fix some minor bugs, responding for the visitor’s e-mails. Every minute we are truing to make our website even better.

Mission Statement

Every true Otaku, every Anime or Manga fan must have opportunity to find someone like him, the soulmate with similar interest,s who is compatible with his personality 100%. And this opportunity  must be free. Because if you are paying to find your love or friends – this way is wrong and will never give you what you want. Can you buy love or friendship for money in real life? Of course not! It is absolutely impossible. The same in the internet. It seems, that big bosses of regular dating websites does not know that. That is why it is absolutely impossible to chat with person you like using their services for free. You always must pay for subscriptions or for additional features. We will never take money from you for using our core features. Finding true love or friends will be always free.

Our Philosophy

The team behind Anime Match project believes that having similar interests is extremely important for any successful relationships. We are really could not see the proof that two people with different passions, beliefs, and hobbies could be in a successful romantic relationship. Sooner or later they became bored or angry with each other. Common interests could connect people together like nothing can. 

Meet Our Team

Evil Cookie

The Big Boss

Her main responsibilities are to watch anime, generate ideas, make other team members work hard and torture them with her bakery

Alex Rodriguez

Chief Technical Officer

He is making all technical work on the website, Alex resolve technical issues, maintain the forum and make some SEO work 


Content Ninja Master

He is filling the website with articles and news like no one can. Also, he help Big Boss to kick hackers asses and defend us from spam


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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