Most of us ask this question sometime during our lives – that’s just a part of the human nature. Why don’t I love myself? Maybe because you don’t accept yourself the way you are? That’s actually the key to beginning to appreciate life and loving who you are – acceptance. Usually, it’s something, or rather, someone that puts that destructive idea in your head, and it’s pretty hard to get rid of it.

Feeling like you’re not worthy of anyone’s attention or love makes you lose trust in yourself, and, therefore, stop loving the amazing person that you actually are. Probably the best way to fix this problem is to go down memory lane and find the exact moment when it happened.

What triggered this new feeling? When did you start asking this question – why don’t I love myself? Statistically, it’s our parents that have the greatest impact on our lives and our self-esteem – both when we’re still young and after we grow up and move on.

If this wasn’t a particularly traumatic experience, then it will be relatively easier to overcome the psychological barrier that’s been making you dislike or even hate your own self. We, the humans, have a bad habit of creating some impossible ideals in our heads, and when we fail at reaching them, anxiety and stress come knocking at the door; don’t let that happen to you!

Why Don’t I Love Myself? Finding Ways To Appreciate Yourself

Generally, we don’t like ourselves because of our own flaws; however, nobody’s perfect, and the people around us are battling with the same things. Fighting battles that you can never win – that’s the worst thing any person on planet Earth can do. Accept yourself the way you are and learn to like the person that you are.

God loves us all and we are all special! At the same time, if it’s something that you can fix then you should definitely get on it. Some of us get shy and close ourselves up because of extra weight, some bad habits – stuff like that.

If that’s the case with you, that means you’re already half-way through, as identifying the problem is a huge step towards finding the way to loving yourself. Know exactly what you want and start working on getting in shape, getting rid of those unhealthy habits, and regaining trust and respect in your own self.

Without being confident and loving everything that makes you “You”, there’s no way you can ever build a meaningful relationship, achieve epic goals, let faith into your heart, and be happy with a boy/girl.

What Can I Do To Fix My Insecurity And Find Self-Love?

As mentioned earlier, if you base self-worth on the picture-perfect ideals in social media and TV, you will never be able to love that not-so-perfect man/woman inside of you. This is a never-ending race that you won’t ever be able to win because there’s no finish line. There will always be something lacking in your life – don’t let those tiny things ruin all the good that you have.

Do whatever it takes to shift that perspective and perceive yourself from a completely different angle, that of love and acceptance. Again, this doesn’t mean you should stop perfecting yourself; just don’t be too judgmental and enjoy the process.

Please try to understand that no human being out there has to be different and change themselves in order to be worthy of something. Self-love isn’t a one-time thing: it should be at your core and constantly “beat” all the insecurities and bad thoughts that are trying to bring you back to depression. So, why should you love yourself? Because you are amazing! We guarantee that there’s at least one person on the planet that thinks that way. Let them be your guiding light until you learn to love yourself the same way.

Some Practical Things You Can Do To Discover Your Worth

– Start meditating. It might be hard at first, but 5 minutes of it can bring you a lot of joy.

– Use symbolic items like a band on your wrist. Move it around as soon as you feel like you’re criticizing yourself again.

– Don’t hide your emotions from yourself. Most people “eat up” their negative thoughts – make sure to face them and fight them in an open battle. Don’t just wonder – why I don’t love myself – find the real reasons and do everything in your power to turn the tide, so to speak.

– Be spontaneous and get out of your comfort zone. Yes, these are two different things, but once you let go of your old habits and put yourself out there, your comfort zone actually becomes bigger and wider.

– Let go. This is the most important step: simply let go of all the insecurities and focus on the good stuff – learn to love yourself and always remember why you should. No good will come out of cycling through all the bad stuff.

– Be grateful for what you have. Welcome uncertainty and don’t be afraid to fail. And finally, learn to forgive yourself. That way, you’ll stop hating the mistakes you make.

So, why don’t I love myself? Because I’m insecure. Why should I love yourself? Because God made me perfect, and he wants me to be happy!

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