We, the humans, are quite curious creatures, and that is exactly what drives us to make all kinds of lists and measure everything from the size of the planet to the number of cells in a donkey’s body. Today, we’ll answer the following question: what’s the average height for a woman.

There are various studies around the globe, and while we did find some tiny differences between them, it’s obvious that the results are almost always the same. Let us tell you right from the beginning that the height of an average modern-day lady is 5 feet and 3 inches. Interesting fact: women in America are 42-tallest on planet Earth.

Back in the day, they used to be on the #4th spot. In the United States, the average height of a 20-some-year-old girl is 5 feet and 4 inches (yes, that’s the average of not only white women but also Hispanic and black ones). This might come as a surprise for you, but the teenagers are actually a bit taller than the grown-ups in the US and reach 64 inches.

Well, it’s no secret that both men and women tend to get shorter as they get older. The average woman in her 60s-70s is 63.2 inches tall, which is +/- 0.5 inches shorter. Hey, it’s not that big of a difference, right?

What’s The Average Height For A Woman – More Interesting Facts

According to the scientists, girls stop growing sooner than boys do. So, if you’ve got a teenage daughter that’s quite tall at 14/15, rest assured that she won’t grow anymore. Speaking about teens, we want to mention that a younger age (at 2-3-years-old), the boys are a lot taller than the girls and reach 36.3/36.4 inches, while the girls lag behind with 35.4 at best.

However, when both sexes reach the age of 10 years, the gals take the lead with an average of 56.8/57 (the fellas, in turn, don’t usually go over 56.3). So, what’s the average height for a woman? It all depends on how old she is. Alright, now let us focus a bit more on the various races and see whether there are some significant differences between them or not.

People usually think that African-American women (and men) are taller than the rest. Is it really true? It is, actually! The average height of a black woman in her 20s is 64.2/64.3, which equals to 5 feet and 4 inches. Hispanic females, in turn, measure 5’2. Finally, the Asian ladies are the shortest, even though they aren’t that far behind the leaders (61.8 inches against 62).

The Verdict

Did you know that women in Latvia are the tallest ones in the world? That’s true! The average lady there is 5’7. The Netherlands and Estonia are also among the leaders. Guatemala, in turn, is famous for its short, yet beautiful women: they measure 4’10, which equals the height of 10-year-old girls in America. The experts say that people in the United States are getting shorter (we mentioned that they are at #42 in the beginning) and claim that this has to do with obesity.

So, as you can see, there’s a difference between the blacks, the whites, the Asians, and the Hispanic ladies when it comes to how tall they are. At the same time, the difference is so small that you might not even see it in real life. People have been wondering – what’s the average height for a woman – for ages, but not that we have all the necessary tools and the power of the Internet, it’s all right there, in front of us.

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