Let’s get one thing clear right from the start: you’re not weird if you’re having “intimate” dreams. Pretty much every single person has at least one or two during their life. Today, we’ll try to figure out what do sex dreams mean and give you the scientific side of things.

These dreams can be quite intriguing and range from intercourse with world-class actors/actresses to that lovely girl next door that you never had the courage to ask out on a date.

No person out there knows exactly how this works, but sometimes, the ladies have dreams of doing it with Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson, while the fellas are fooling around with Kim Kardashian. According to the scientists and the doctors, it’s totally normal to go through a sexual experience during your sleep. Alright, let’s get to it!

What Do Sex Dreams Mean?

#1 – With Your Boss

Until recently, we used to think that it was the guys that had such dreams, but now we know that it works both ways. It’s Ok to be attracted to your boss, and the psychologists are confident that sex dreams with your honcho could mean that you’re turning into a leader, not a mere employee. So, who knows, maybe it’s time to talk to him/her about a promotion?

#2 – With Your High-School Crush

This is an all-time classic. However, as it turns out, people don’t usually have naughty dreams involving their crushes because they were (or still are) attracted to them. It has more to do with an emotional connection.

In a way, this is our minds trying to tell us that we should’ve been together with that person. Yep, even though we, the humans, are animals at the core, we’re not only attracted to bodies but also spirits and characters!

#3 – With A BFF

Wait, isn’t it wrong to have sex dreams about your friends? Well, there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to this. But what do sex dreams mean in this case? Why would you dream about a person with whom you have a 100% platonic relationship?

This is similar to the high-school crush situation: even though you’re NOT attracted to that man/woman in real life, some of their qualities are very appealing to you (or, at least, your mind).

#4 – With A Superstar

Who doesn’t want to get freaky with a celebrity? Here’s the shocker: according to numerous studies, women have almost twice as much dirty dreams with superstars as men! Well, it’s no secret that the ladies have a vivid imagination, and while they’re sleeping, their brains are busy generation all kinds of lovely scenarios.

#5 – With A Total Stranger

Admit it: you had a couple of those, haven’t you? Usually, when we’re getting intimate with a stranger in our dreams, they don’t have a face. And no, we’re not talking about nightmares. So, what do sex dreams mean when you’re in bed doing the nasty with a mysterious stranger? There are many different explanations for this, the most popular one being that you’re finding new things about yourself and/or your partner.

Alright, that’s it for today! Summing up, we want to share an interesting fact: while for the girls, sexual adventures during the night are almost always mysterious and don’t necessarily mean they’re attracted to the heroes of their dreams, for the guys, it’s a lot simpler. Usually, when a guy is having a sex dream with a woman, that means he’d like to do that in real life. Keep that in mind!

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