Musical instruments are capable of making us sad, happy, and everything else in between, and the violin is, without a doubt, one of the most emotional instruments on the planet. Today, we’ll take a look at the top 10 masters of the violin in anime and give you a list of the best of the best. If you’re an equally big fan of expressive instruments and Japanese culture, then this is exactly what you need!

Can you tell us right now which lovely anime characters come to find when you’re asked about the violin? Yes, there are quite a few out there, and that’s exactly why we decided to base the list on a survey, not on our personal preferences. People gave their voices to 10 anime heroes, and while some of them might be totally unexpected, we hope that you’ll also find your favorites in there somewhere.

Alright, ready to take a closer look at the top 10 masters of the violin in anime? As always, we welcome you to share your own, personal lists in the comments and speak your heart. A quick note: there are actually 11 entries, not 10, as some of the characters managed to earn an equal number of votes. Here are the first 8 entries:

#10 – Misaka Mikoto (from A Certain Scientific Railgun)

#9 – Hamel (from Violinist of Hameln)

#9 – Shaiapouf (from Hunter x Hunter)

#8 – Akagi Towa (from Go! Princess PreCure)

#7 – Kaiou Michiru (from Sailor Moon)

#6 – Tsukimori Len (from La Corda d’Oro)

#5 – Kurusu Shou (from Uta no Prince-Sama)

#4 – Amasawa Seiji (from Whisper of the Heart)

There is a lot of talent up there, that’s for sure! And while Kaiou Michiru, Akagi Towa, and Amasawa Seiji did make it into the list, they still failed at winning at least the bronze medal. So, who are the winners of today’s Top 10 masters of the violin in anime survey? Which characters managed to win the popular vote? It’s time to find out!

#3 – Tsukiyomi Ikuto (from Shugo Chara!)

With 9% of the total vote, Ikuto proved that the fans love tall, skinny, and mysterious young men. Even though this guy is just a high-school kid, he’s got some impressive skills on the violin and isn’t shy to show them.

Interesting fact: this isn’t a brand-new show – it premiered 8 (!) years ago. Still, the unforgettable image of Ikuto playing the violin with the moon behind him simply doesn’t just go away, and that is why he’s in the top-3 today.

#2 – Kudou Shinichi (from Detective Conan)

Kudou isn’t just another character from a popular franchise. This guy is a crowd favorite and took away the silver medal with 11% of the total vote. So, who is he, anyway? A skilled detective with the mind of a genius? Check.

A football (soccer) player with impressive footwork? Double check. At the same time, he’s also a virtuoso violinist, just like the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Yes, Kudou is the complete package, and that’s what the fans around the globe love about him.

#1 – Miyazono Kaori (from Your Lie in April)

Ok, we made it to the top! Miyazono is the winner of the survey, and not just by a couple of votes: she has 27% of fans’ support, and it’s the greatest proof of her popularity. This young violin player left a big mark.

We’re not only talking about our sensitive hearts, but also anime as a whole. Her angelic look and lightning-fast playing style will forever be remembered. If you’ve got tears in your eyes right now thinking about Kaori, it’s totally Ok!

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