To put it simply, a gift is a physical expression of love and appreciation to a person you really care about. And while there are numerous “proper” occasions for picking the perfect gift for a boyfriend, sometimes, it’s best to be spontaneous and surprise him with an unexpected present.

Now, even though we all want our soul mates to be happy with the gifts we pick, it’s usually not that easy to find something that will hit the bull’s eye. On the other hand, if you turn this into some sort of a game, it will be a lot easier for you to find the ideal present for your guy. Alright, let’s get to it then!

Picking The Perfect Gift For A Boyfriend – Romance Vs. Practice

Yes, we did just talk about the importance of being spontaneous, but most of the times, a gift needs to be “fitting”, meaning a gadget that he’s been talking about for a year will be an ideal present for his birthday. But if you give him a card or a box with hints about getting married, even though you’ve been together for two weeks, that can be a big turn off for the fella.

Probably the hardest choice that you’re going to make is the one between practical and “romantic” gifts. Say, romantic gifts might not carry a real value, but they are marvelous symbols of your love and appreciation. A PS4, on the other hand, isn’t “cute” or anything like that; yet, a gamer will definitely like it!

Consider his tastes, the way your relationship works, and the emotions that you want to see on his face. If Valentine’s Day is around the corner, a good bottle of vine with a letter will be just what the doc ordered. Don’t give him any roses, though.

Socks, trousers, shaving creams, and video games, in turn, are all about the practical side of things. Avoid any novelty gifts, as they might just ruin his mood and make you look stupid. Consider them only if you’re both into pranking each other and you know you’ll have a good laugh together.

Picking The Perfect Gift For A Boyfriend – Consider His Interests

As mentioned, a gamer will be super excited to get a new console or a game. And if he loves sports, then a ball, a set of gloves or maybe a bike will be right. Well, if you’ve been together for a while, then you probably already know what he’s into. Just make sure he doesn’t already own something you’re about to give him!

A collector’s jersey, an exclusive edition of a video game, a vinyl collection of his favorite death metal band – it all works. Most boyfriends aren’t really shy to talk about things they want to own in the future; that will give you hints on what to buy for him for the upcoming occasion. This way, you let all of the decision-making to him.

There’s nothing better in the world than seeing the excitement in his eyes and hearing the guy say something like “This is exactly what I wanted! How did you know?!” after you give him the perfect gift for a boyfriend. In case you’re not sure what is it that he wants as his ideal present, ask his closest buddies for advice.

They’ll definitely know what he’s dreaming of right now, not 6 months ago. Despite the fact that you’re his girlfriend, chances are, his boys will know a lot more about his “deep, dark desires.” Alternatively, when the man knows in advance what he’s going to get, some of the excitement goes away. So, don’t be afraid to be unpredictable.

Other Ways To Find A Perfect Gift For Your Guy

An experience instead of a physical gift can also be highly appreciated. What about a trip to the Bahamas or tickets to an exclusive premiere of his favorite movie (like maybe the new Avengers)? If you go to these events together, that will allow you to get closer to each other and appreciate each other more.

Buying something that will trigger happy memories is another way to be original and still put a smile on his face. True, it won’t be easy to do this, but if you keep the idea in your head, chances are, something will pop up while you’re browsing through the potential perfect gifts.

Say, you met in France: a tiny Eiffel Tower will be very romantic. Or maybe the two of you fell in love while on a trip to Africa? Then a toy lion/tiger will be just the right way to remind him of that. The love and connection that you share is priceless, which is why you shouldn’t be all material and try to take care of the “emotional side” of the perfect gift for a boyfriend.

A photo of you two, a keychain with your names on it, a painting of him – all those gifts will be a lot less expensive than a brand-new gadget but can have an even bigger impact. If you can afford it, try buying two presents: one will be physical, and the other one romantic.

Summing up, we just want to say two things: first of all, the gift needs to express your love towards the other person in the relationship. And second, something corny like a toothbrush or a new sweater won’t really cut it if you want the gift to be special. Oh, and don’t forget that half of the success depends on how you’re going to present that gift!

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