Welcome to the 21st century, ladies and gentlemen: open relationships are a big part of the modern-day world, and numerous couples around the globe are doing their best to adapt to this relatively new thing. Today, we’ll try to understand the open relationship meaning, definition, and rules, and thus, find the best way to approach it.

Since we’re not dealing with a traditional monogamous marriage/boyfriend-girlfriend routine here, it’s very easy to mess everything up if you don’t have any experience in this field. There are many different “versions” of an open relationship, and you should always look for something that fits you best.

Setting Some Ground Rules

Remember: these are uncharted waters, and the first thing the two of you will have to do is to set some boundaries. Without them, you’re running the risk of destroying everything good that you have together. Jealousy, confusion, frustration, and even hate might follow unless you find that golden middle.

At the same time, there are many couples out there that make this work. In fact, according to statistics, people that stick to this concept, create pretty strong and meaningful relationships. How do they do that? Let’s find out right now!

#1 – Sex Boundaries Come First

This is the most confusing area. As we already mentioned, the open relationship meaning and definition aren’t clear, which means you’ll have to set the rules on your own. Is sex ok? What kind of it is ok? Where are the limits?

Some people can’t stand knowing that their partners are kissing others; some encourage their spouses to explore things like BDSM on the side. Usually, it’s not knowing that makes up doubt and question everything. So, talk it all through.

#2 – Emotional Boundaries Follow

Sometimes, the emotional limits play a bigger role in this. Say, if your partner is totally cool with you having sex with other women/men, he/she might not be ok with you dating them and going out to public places. Again, it’s you that define the open relationship meaning and rules, and it’s very important to discuss all these tiny details if you want to succeed.

You might think that it’s all good and nothing’s going to make you jealous, but once you realize that your soul mate is out there having fun with others, everything could change. Besides, what’s gonna happen when one of you develops feelings for a stranger?

#3 – Next, Figure Out Who’s “Hook Up Material” And Who’s Not

If it’s someone you don’t know and will probably never even see in your life then it’s alright. On the other hand, most couples are almost always against dating mutual friends/colleagues, because that will be super weird. Imagine how bad you’ll feel when your lover or the hook-up partner of your significant other visits a holiday party or something like that?

#4 – Finally, Decide Whether You’ll Discuss These Relationships Or Not

So, the two of you are happy with having other sexual partners. But do you talk about those other people with your husband/wife, or should it all be a secret? The old-school “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is what most couples go for. Yes, there are some couples that prefer to hear all the dirty secrets; yet, they’re rather an exception to the rule.

Here’s another thing: do you share your open relationship with your friends/closest relatives? Do you break the news to them, or keep it all private? As you can see, there aren’t right or wrong open relationship meaning, definition, and rules. It all comes down to your personal preferences and needs.

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