Who hasn’t been waiting for the My Hero Academia Season 4, right? It’s safe to say that the entire world is in love with this franchise, and now that we know new episodes are on the way, MHA is, once again, on top of the food chain, so to speak. This superhero anime series is popular not only in Japan but in every other corner of planet Earth.

Umakoshi Yoshihiko, the long-time character designer for Academia, released a stylish illustration featuring some of the central characters. Unfortunately, we don’t have the release date yet, but we bet the new season will become available in mid-2019, or maybe even earlier. Horikoshi Kouhei, the author of the original manga, created a true masterpiece.

As for the official TV anime adaptation, it was introduced to the world in 2016 and instantly became popular. The second season followed a year later; season #3 aired in 2018. This August, a movie in the My Hero Academia universe was also released.

And now we’re all waiting for My Hero Academia season 4 to hit the small screens. What will it be like? What challenges will the heroes have to face, what new enemies to fight? Every single question will be answered, but the fans will have to wait for just a bit longer.

MHA – A Diverse, Intriguing Universe

Welcome to a reality where superpowers aren’t something extraordinary, but rather the new normal. Here, they are known as “Quirks”, and the world is full of countless different abilities. The series is focused on Deku, a young student without any powers who wants to become a hero.

At the end of season 3, we saw the Big 3’s debut, and it’s obvious that they will play a bigger role in S4. It’s also known that Overhaul, a brand-new (and scary) villain will also debut in the upcoming episodes.

Source: https://animeanime.jp

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