Yes, it’s been a while since we heard anything new about this franchise, but everything’s about the change in the nearest future. The Laid-Back Camp season 2 release date was finally revealed, along with more exciting news. So, what can the fans expect from LBC except for the new episodes?

A movie, maybe – you guessed it! Actually, there will be two movies: a full-fledged project for the theaters, and a short, but important film. Afro, the man that created the original manga, took the world by storm with his unique writing style, lovely characters, and that special, Japanese kind of crazy that we all came to love.

As for the anime, it is centered on a group of high-school kids (girls) and their passion for camping. Yamanashi – that’s where they’re all from – is famous for its perfect camping spots; so, the ladies take full advantage of what it has to offer. The very first season of the anime premiered earlier this year (it was broadcast from January to March).

And when is the Laid-Back Camp season 2 release date, exactly? Unfortunately, there is no officially confirmed date yet; but we believe that it will be introduced to the fans sometime in early 2019, maybe even late 2018. In any case, the franchise is about to get really big.

Laid-Back Camp – Slice-Of-Life Like You’ve Never Seen It

You might’ve already guessed that this isn’t a story about magical creatures, otherworldly powers, and big villains. Yet, Afro’s manga/anime is just as entertaining and exciting. This is a tale about friendship, life-long journeys, and the possibilities that the world has to offer.

You might think that Laid-Back Camp is only good for teenage girls, but the truth is – even grown-up men will have a lot to learn from Afro’s intriguing story-telling. Give it a chance!


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