Usually, it’s the anime adaptations of already-existing manga/visual novels that get our attention. But today, we’ll discuss the Irozuku Sekai No Ashita Kara premiere release date. Yes, it’s an original story, a brand-new project, and, judging by the production company’s background (they have some pretty amazing series in the portfolio), it’s safe to say that we can expect quite an amazing new anime.

It’s coming sooner than you think, and while the old-timers might not appreciate the fact that this is a new-comer, the fans of everything fresh should definitely mark the date of release on their calendars. The story is set in Nagasaki and follows the life of a young (17-year-old) girl and her adventures in a world that’s equally beautiful and dangerous.

Tsukishiro is not really a regular human being: her ancestors used to be witches, and she is destined for greatness. Right now, she’s lost in the big city and has to deal with “dampened” emotions. The teenager’s grandma is worried sick about her, so, she decides to send her back to 2018. The Irozuku Sekai No Ashita Kara premiere release date is the 5th of October, which means it’s only a couple of weeks away. Make sure to check it out first!

Irozuku Sekai – A Beautiful Story

All Tsukishiro wants is to be free of magic and everything that it represents. Yet, in her struggle to be normal, this high-school girl realizes that in order to be free from it all, she’ll have to face her deepest, darkest fears and look them in the eyes.

What does the future hold for her? Is there a way for this innocent young girl to find peace and order in life? One thing is certain: she can’t escape fate – nobody can – and it’s time to grow up and to take a stand.


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