Statistically, there are more than 3.5 billion (!) men on planet Earth, and you might think that it will be a piece of cake to meet one. However, that’s not really true. In this “How to meet guys” tutorial, we’ll help you maintain some “ground rules” that will help you get the guy of your dreams without much hassle.

Fact: it’s harder for girls to do this whole hooking up thing, as you won’t normally see a woman come up to a fella and say something like “Can I get your number?” or “Wanna hang out sometime?” simply because that’s their job. At the same time, nothing’s stopping you from being cool, confident, and taking matters into your own hands.

How To Meet Guys – Breaking It Down

First of all, before getting yourself out there, spend some time figuring out who’s the perfect man for you. Obviously, nobody’s perfect, and you’ll never have success if you follow the “Don’t settle for just good” rule. Still, a boy needs to be eye-catching from the moment you two meet.

Once you know exactly what kind of a partner will be right for you, think about the places a Prince like that might be hanging out. Is he a party animal kind of a man? Or maybe you’ll find him in the local library? Some guys spend hours at the gym; others prefer to hang out with their buddies.

Some folks recommend joining clubs and classes where Mr. Perfect might be, but we’re against that. Join a club that YOU like. Guaranteed, you’ll come across a nice boy there sometime in the future and won’t have to pretend that you share his passion. This is probably the most practical how to meet guys advice we can give you.

The truth is – even if you never meet the right guy there, all those amazing experiences that you’ll definitely have (and the friends that you’ll make) will make it all worth the while. Fact: if you sit at home 24/7 and watch cartoons with your dog, nothing romantic will ever happen!

How To Meet Guys – Do You And Let Life Take Care Of The Rest

As mentioned earlier, go to places and do things that are comfortable and enjoyable for you. A coffee shop, a nice bookstore – whatever works. Even if you prefer to go to the local park, you’ll still be able to meet someone. Some guys are a bit intimidated by a big crowd, which means it might be a good idea to go to these spots alone.

Elaborating a bit on what we already said, you should always follow your own dreams and go to a cooking class, attend the gym, or go to the movies/theatrical premieres that you love, not the ones that could potentially “feature” the right guys. That way, you’ll give the guys a chance to take the lead in this.

Usually, we meet the best people when we’re least expecting that. This is another one of those golden how to meet guys rules: if it’s supposed to happen, you WILL meet Prince Charming. We gotta warn you though that meeting a guy online can lead to unwanted consequences. Yes, it is very much possible to find the love of your life on social media, but there are a lot of scammers and bad folks out there. Remember: NEVER give out any vital information (like where you live).

Getting Social And Opening Yourself Up

Even if you’re in a desperate need of a boyfriend, don’t settle for average. You need to think alike and have similar goals. If that’s not the case, then you’ll probably end up hurting him or yourself. And if there’s no spark between the two of you or if you feel like he’s not motivated/energized enough, just forget about him.

Alternatively, if there is a special guy at school/at work/out there, make sure to let him know how you feel. Sometimes, guys are very “slow” when it comes to this. Are you a bit too shy to do that? Well then start talking to your friends about how you feel about him. Soon enough, he’ll learn about your feelings towards him from one of the boys/girls.

Most of us aren’t confident about ourselves, but once you get out into the real world and start socializing, your brain will catch up pretty quickly. With that said, you should talk to as many people as you can to improve your social skills in order not to “freeze up” when he suddenly starts talking to you. Alright, that’s pretty much it for our how to meet guys tutorial.

As you can see, it’s not rocket science. On the other hand, it can be pretty difficult and challenging to find the right guy, talk to him, and to impress him. With everything said and done, a conversation has never hurt anyone. Even if he rejects your offer, it will be another step towards becoming a strong, confident young woman for you.

We all have our fair share of bumps and bruises, and they make us stronger. God works in mysterious ways, and after a big failure with the “perfect” guy, a much better man might approach you the next day and turn your life around. Never stop believing in yourself and keep fighting the good fight!

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