Recently, on Anime Festa, it was announced that Kazuki Akane, one of the most talented directors of our time, will be working on a brand-new project for TBS – Star-Crossing Skies. The Hoshiai No Sora release date was also officially confirmed (that’s the original title, by the way), which means it’s coming sooner than we all thought.

Yes, it will debut on TBS, and judging by the buzz on the Internet, it is going to be one of the biggest premieres in anime. Now, along with the name of the director, we also have a stylish trailer that pretty much tells everything a fan needs to know about HNS: if you love sports anime, this new series will be right up your alley.

So, when is the exact Hoshiai No Sora release date, you might ask? It’s definitely coming in 2019. According to several sources, it’s gonna become available in early spring, but that wasn’t confirmed yet. The story is focused on a school’s soft tennis team and the boys that are ready to do whatever it takes to become the best players in the world.

They are still very young and have a lot of learning to do. Friendship, betrayals, romantic journeys, and hard work – that’s what these young men will have to go through on their path towards greatness. The style, the music, and the directing are all top-notch.

Hoshiai No Sora – A Story Worth Telling

You might think that sports anime is something strange and confusing, but it’s actually not. Take a good look at that trailer to see exactly what it’s going to be about. 8-Bit, the production studio, went to Twitter in April 2018 to tell the world about their work with Akane on a brand-new (and original) anime. The rest of the team is also quite alright and includes some famous names in the industry.


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