Recently, Warner Bros, the big, bad American company, announced that the anime adaptation of a highly popular manga, Hi Score Girl, is coming to Netflix. Yes, the Japanese are slowly, but steadily taking over the world, and with the Hi Score Girl Netflix release date, it’s obvious that more is coming our way.

In Japan, the show became available this July, and now we can finally take a look at it ourselves. The team that worked on the TV series put a lot of heart and soul into the project, including the famous director, the gifted composer, the lead character designer, and everybody else in between.

As for the cast, you probably won’t recognize any of their names, but the fans of anime sure will fall in love with their amazing voices. Alright, so, when is the Hi Score Girl Netflix release date? Is it coming any time soon, or do we have to wait for years?

The series will become available to the rest of the world in December 2018. The exact date isn’t confirmed yet, but, judging by the previous premieres, we bet it will hit the small screen somewhere in the middle of the month. It’s less than 4 months away! The critics are calling it one of the finest “arcade romantic comedies” in history, which means it’s definitely worth checking out.

Hi-Score Girl – The Story So Far

It all started in 1991, back when the arcade fighting games were very popular. The story follows, Haruo, a kid in the 6th grade who doesn’t really care about the rest of the world and spends his days and nights playing games. One day, he sees a beautiful young girl from his class setting new records at the arcade. After she beats him in a series of matches, the two turn into best friends and start quite an unusual relationship.


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