This adorable cat is internationally known and loved, and the Hello Kitty YouTube debut is probably one of the biggest online events of the year. The fans have been waiting for this and, thanks to her overzealous character and a lot of hard work, there are already 2 videos available that we can all enjoy!

Without a doubt, Kitty is among the most famous Sanrio brutes out there, which is exactly why her brand-new YouTube channel is in the center of attention right now. By the way, how do you think she decided to name this channel? Pretty simple, actually – the HK Channel! Again, it’s up and running; so, don’t miss your chance to check it out.

Now, please don’t be over-judging, as this is her first experience on YouTube and Kitty is feeling a bit nervous. A new challenge is always hard to overcome, but with the help of the fans, we believe that the channel will turn into something big and beautiful. If you don’t know Japanese, the English subtitles will help you understand exactly what the iconic character is talking about in the first video.

The Hello Kitty YouTube debut will take the “project” even further and introduce more people to the friendly little cat. Obviously, this content isn’t for the grown-ups, but rather the kiddos.

Hello Kitty – Now As A YouTube Host!

The worldwide experts claim that this channel is destined to become successful, simply because the original fan-base is huge. Again, it’s intended for the elementary school kids, and for them, this is exciting stuff. We bet there are at least a couple of kids in your family that love her. Created by Yuko Shimizu, this Sanrio character is here to stay. Her birthday is the 1st of November; she doesn’t have a mouth, always speaks with a high-pitched voice, and is a 3rd-grade student.


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