As strange as it may sound, we have never seen this legendary team on the small screens yet. That is exactly why the Big 3 debut in My Hero Academia created such buzz online. They surprised the fans back on the 22nd of September, and, judging by the news, they’re here to stay. First of all, they are elite students of U.A.

Second, these guys aren’t your average heroes – they’ve got some really impressive skills! Mirio has a very cheerful, bright and inquisitive personality. Amajiki, in turn, is a lot darker. Plus, this guy is pretty shy. And what about Nejire, the only girl in the group? This young lady doesn’t ever hold back.

She is super blunt and isn’t afraid to say whatever comes to her mind. Character designs for every single member of Big 3 were revealed recently. If you’re a fan, then this is great news for you: it’s always interesting to see exactly how your favorite characters will look in the anime. The second semester is well on its way, and Deku’s life is about to change.

After his squabble with Bakugou, he ends up being suspended and meets a cryptic man. Who is he, and what influence will he have on Deku and the entire school? We’ll learn the answer to that question when the brand-new episode arrives! One thing is certain: the Big 3 debut in My Hero Academia is a great move.

Big 3 – At The Heart Of My Hero Academia

These students are quite powerful and can strike their opponents not only with their witty minds but also their fists. Say, Nejire can beat any rival out there with her shockwave ability. Mirio, in turn, is a big, muscular fella, and thus, he’s got the strengths of the gods running through his veins.

Enhanced strength, speed, and durability allow him to always stay on top. And finally, Amajiki is incredibly smart and is considered to be the strongest in the group.


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