Recently, in Tokyo, it was announced that Azur Lane, a highly popular game for the smartphones, is going to be adapted into a TV anime. The Azur Lane anime release date wasn’t officially confirmed yet, but, judging by the company’s policy, we believe it’s set to arrive in early 2019. The World War 2-inspired game has a great story and an exciting set of characters, which means the upcoming premiere will be worth our while.

Tensho is directing the anime; the screenwriter is also quite an experienced and talented man. We believe they’ll do a great job of creating just the right adaptation of the game. Now, that’s not it for the Azur Lane news: along with the anime, a manga series is also in the works, meaning the franchise is about to take over the entire world. It will become available on the 26th of October in Monthly Comic Rex.

The original game for Android/iOS devices was all about warships from 1900-1960 and epic battles. The team managed to build an amazing mix between a 2D shooter and a full-fledged strategy game. The flotilla requires a lot of hard work and attention from the players and is divided into two parts. The Main Fleet is supporting Vanguard, which, in turn, is always on the forefront.

Azur Lane – A Game, An Anime, And A Manga

The Azur Lane anime release date will mark yet another big victory for the team behind the original concept. The mobile game saw the light of day in 2017. Yes, it’s only been a year, but we already have a mighty franchise on our hands. Initially, it was launched in China.

In Japan, the game became available in September 2017. With 6 million downloads, Azur Lane is, without a doubt, a huge event in the industry. There’s also an English version for the North-American players in the works.


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