We’re living in the technological age, which means instant access to the Internet is not a problem anymore (at least, for most of the world). And while that’s a terrific achievement on a global level, it doesn’t really help us learn how to be a girl. In fact, the modern-day “standards” of beauty are always right there in front of our faces (take social media, for example).

They make it easy to think less of yourself and get depressed. Add a series of stupid, ridiculous stereotypes, and you’ll get yourself a heart attack! Seriously, though: with the Instagram beauties taking over the entire planet, it’s getting harder and harder to love who you are.

Here’s the truth: no way there are so many ugly women out there; yet, the aforementioned standards are doing a great job of making them believe that. So, today, we’ll try to learn how to be a girl in 2018 and neglect all those filtered and Photoshopped ladies on the other side of the screen.

How To Be A Girl And Love Yourself – Start With The Basics

#1 – Stop Caring About The Social Media/Magazine Models

In fact, get rid of any fashion magazines that make you feel insecure and unfollow every single account on Instagram that’s making you sad. Get this: almost no model/fit girl looks the same in real life, which is exactly why you should never compare what you see in the mirror with these ideal images – they’re just pictures. Without all that makeup and, again, filtering on the computer, they’d probably look worse than you!

#2 – Start Loving Yourself More

This is an ancient piece of wisdom: in order for the rest of the world to love who you are, you’ll have to do that first. Usually, we’re insecure during our teenage years, but for some of us, confidence comes harder than for the rest.

So, what you should do is focus on those parts of yourself that you really like. We’re not saying that sweat and tears aren’t necessary. At the same time, you can work on yourself and feel secure and confident. That’s actually a huge part of the how to be a girl routine.

#3 – Choose Self-Love Instead Of Self-Hate

True, it’s not that easy to always be positive when the reflection in the mirror is getting you depressed. But, as we just said, you don’t necessarily have to feel down 24/7 in order to improve your good sides and “fix” the bad ones. Come up with constant reminders of why you should appreciate yourself and what good qualities you actually have. This will be the first step towards gaining confidence and taking everything to a whole another level.

How To Be A Girl And Love Yourself – Let Others Help You Out

#4 – Always Remember That You Are Loved

Even if the entire world is against you, your friends, family members, and loved ones will always be there to support you. Their unconditional love will be the necessary driving force that will help see a different picture. People are usually insecure because of their weight, looks, lack of money, bad habits – the list goes on and on. However, nobody’s perfect: write that down on a piece of paper and stick it to the mirror in the bathroom.

#5 – Appreciate The Compliments

Sometimes, we think so low of ourselves that we tend to receive honest, pure compliments as jokes or a way to mess with us. Well, stop doing that! Let the compliments that the fellas give to you light up your day and, once again, prove that you are special and the guys notice it. As for the insults, people usually need them to make others feel bad (which, in turn, will make them feel better about themselves).

#6 – Get Out Into The Real World

When you’re “locked up” inside of your bedroom, it’s very easy to let online bullies confuse/frustrate you. On the other hand, in the real world, very few people have the courage to say bad things about someone in their face. Real-world relationships will allow you to know exactly how the world perceives you. Stop relying on the Internet to “evaluate” you – step into the real world and see it all with your own eyes.

How To Be A Girl And Love Yourself – Be Strong!

#7 – Don’t Let The Trolls Bring You Down

If a man/woman says that you are fat, look ridiculous, or just simply ugly, don’t let that ruin your entire day (or week). Keep your head up and consider people like that to be human trash (because that’s exactly what they are). Or, if you’ve got the nerve, tell them something like “Don’t try to make yourself feel better by saying bad stuff about others.”

#8 – Work Hard To Get What You Want

We already mentioned this, but let us talk a bit more about self-motivation. While we all look great and God loves us the way we are, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get skinny/smarter/earn more money. It’s natural to strive for more. At the same time, don’t get overzealous and ruin your health: start slow and understand that the road to perfection never ends.

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