It’s never easy to deal with departure, especially when you know that the two of you won’t be together anymore. The pain, the frustration, and the misery can be too strong when you miss someone, and that is why we decided to write this post. There are ways to cope with it all, and if you follow our recommendations, it will be a lot easier to stand your ground, so to speak.

The best thing any person can do is to move on. Yes, we know that it’s easier said than done, but, at least you know now what you’re supposed to do. Go back to the things that you love and want to do, stop obsessing over the man/woman that you parted ways with.

Personal growth and a forward-thinking state of mind – that’s essentially everything you’ll ever need for this. The following tips and tricks might not all be effective at once; yet, they will give you some basic understanding of what you can do in these kinds of situations. Good luck!

What To Do When You Miss Someone – The Basics

#1 – Don’t Lock Yourself In The Bedroom!

True, it’s natural for us to start “hibernating” once something bad happens, but you shouldn’t really do that. Even though it might seem like the best course of action at first, you will run the risk of disappointing yourself later. Besides, this is probably the worst thing any guy/girl can do. So, stand up, put something nice and fancy on, and go out there, enjoy what the outside world has to offer: we promise you won’t be sad anymore!

#2 – Let Your Friends Cheer You Up

There’s nothing better than a group of trusted friends that are always ready to back you up and help you have a good time. With that said, shutting them out is another bad thing to do when you miss someone. Play some video games with the fellas, watch some soapy shows/series with the girls, or just spend some quality time with them. These folks know you well and will probably find some ways to cheer you up.

#3 – Take Your “Outside Game” A Step Further

So, at this point, you’re already out of your bed and happy talking with your buddies. The next step would be to go to an event on your own. How about a movie theater or maybe a museum that you’ve been dying to check out? Usually, we don’t really have time for things like that, but now that you’re all alone, it’s all doable. Generally speaking, trying new things is one of the best remedies for the stress and the frustration.

What To Do When You Miss Someone – Turning Into A Better Person

#4 – Try To Beat Your Worst Habits

If you find yourself drinking heavily and/or smoking after a bad break-up, that’s totally normal. However, in this case, normal is not good. So, why not use this new reality to fight your habits instead of following them blindly? Some folks like to drink coffee; others prefer casinos. Yes, it will be a pretty big challenge, but that’s exactly what you need right now. Focus your mind on something else and work on controlling your needs better.

#5 – Start Talking To Yourself

No, this has nothing to do with going crazy. What we’re suggesting is writing down your own thoughts and maybe even sending them to your own email. Yes, this is a modern-day version of a good old notebook/diary. This may very well be the best thing to do when you miss someone. Being honest with yourself and reading all those important words out loud will definitely help you see things from a different perspective and possibly even let go.

#6 – Be Thankful For That Man/Woman That You’re Missing

Despite the fact that anger, confusion, and other strong emotions have taken over you, do try to appreciate everything that person you miss has taught you. Plus, reminisce about the good things that you had together. Or, better yet, write them a letter. Please don’t mistake this for the “I beg you, please come back” kind of a letter, because it is supposed to close this chapter of your life, not reopen it.

What To Do When You Miss Someone – Finding New Inspiration

#7 – Start Exercising

It’s as simple as it sounds. When you’re hurt mentally, gaining physical strength will help you get back on both feet. And while jogging early in the morning or pulling weights in a full gym might not be the most attractive things for you right now, for upping self-esteem, working out is one of the best options. You’ll find yourself smiling, laughing, and feeling good more.

#8 – Put Yourself Out There

There are other people out there as well, you know? And, they might just turn out to be a lot better than your previous boyfriend/girlfriend. When your heart is broken, it’s almost impossible to look at others as potential love objects, but if you go out more, all kinds of wonderful things might happen. New friends, one-night-stands, interesting circles – start slow. Only move on to a new, serious relationship once your heart is ready.

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