We all get equally stressed and excited when we go out on our first dates. You never really know what to expect, and so, a wild mix of feelings and emotions takes over. Today, we’ll talk about 8 things to do on a first date that are affordable and will be interesting for your partner in crime. So, do you go with drinks in a fancy restaurant? Or maybe invite her to your parents’ house?

What about a regular walk in the park? Is that too cheesy and “basic”, or just what the doc ordered? The most important thing to do in this situation is to relax. Sure, it’s great to be an original person and to come up with thrilling ideas for the date. But with enough confidence, you’ll turn even the corniest activities into something fun. Alright, let us go ahead and take a look at 8 things to do on a first date.

You don’t have to blindly follow our guide, of course. But do make sure to read the entire article and jot down some ideas that seem interesting to you. Believe us, these ideas will be life saviors later, when you get a hot date and the clock won’t be on your side. Don’t sweat it, don’t worry about the impression you’ll make, and just go with the moment!

Things To Do On A First Date – Playing Games

#1 – Invite Him/Her To The Local Arcade

Wait – is it even legal to play the arcade when you’re a grown-up? The answer is yes, and we suggest you fill your pocket with enough change. Even if you’re dating a girl and she’s absolutely NOT a fan of games, she’ll probably still have fun with it. Some guys out there tend to try too hard and turn into beasts with the arcade. Instead, you should let her do the honors and maybe give some tips here and there. Gaming is always exciting!

#2 – Go With Indoor Sports

Bowling is an all-time classic, especially in North America. And while it might be a bit corny, there’s still no denying the fact that it is one of the most affordable and exciting things to do on a first date. At the same time, this isn’t the only game that you can try indoors. Mini-golf and pool are also available. A quick note for the guys: be a gentleman and let the girl win. We’re not saying you should look like a goof, but still, ladies first.

#3 – Try Your Luck At A Trampoline Park

If you’re confident about your body, then this will not only be a chance to go back to childhood for a couple of hours but also an opportunity for you to impress him/her with some killer abs. Of all the things to do on a first date, this is probably the most unusual one.

Thankfully, there are trampoline parks in most medium-sized cities, which means it won’t be a problem to get there. Just remember to catch your breath, because the park will wear you out.

Things To Do On A First Date – Feeling The Rush

#4 – Get The Best Seats At An Upcoming Game

Another classic move that will help you steal his/her heart, especially if they have a favorite team. Nothing compares to being right there, in the middle of the action, and some good seats at a stadium will definitely get their heart racing. Grab some drinks, some popcorn, and let the party start! There’s no telling how many couples were formed after cheering for local teams at the stadium!

#5 – Ride The Roller Coaster Together

This is one of those things that will bring the two of you closer together, simply because fear is a very powerful feeling. Besides, according to the scientists, heightened levels of excitement/arousal are known to smoothly shift into sexual attraction. Of the 8 things to do on a first date, this is definitely the scariest one. Make sure to use the wait in the line to tell her how brave you are. Because once the machine starts, there will be no time for that.

#6 – Make Some Money At The Racetrack

No, we’re not telling you to turn into a racer or a horse rider – just invite your favorite boy/girl to the racetrack. Betting on ponies is quite exciting, especially if you pick different horses. Important note: NEVER bet more than a couple of dollars.

If you lose, it won’t be the end of the world; but if you win, the two of you will be able to afford some ice-cream and soda. Young men and women living in the big city can also attend racing car events.

Things To Do On A First Date – Going Creative

#7 – Take Him/Her To Pottery Painting

In case you didn’t know, these spots come with ready-steady, pre-made ceramic pieces. All you have to do is grab a brush and paint. If your hot date is a romantic/creative type, they’ll definitely appreciate this move. Furthermore, this will give you a chance to sit really close to them and get to know each other. For the introverts, it’s a win-win kind of a situation.

#8 – Enjoy Mother Nature

This includes going for a walk, having a picnic, riding the bike, jogging together – whatever comes to mind. These things to do on a first date are very popular for two reasons. First of all, they’re very cheap and won’t require any planning (well, maybe just a little bit). Secondly, they are spontaneous, and, despite the fact that walks in the park aren’t anything new, with the right set of mind, you’ll be able to make them exciting.

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