Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest mysteries of the world. No, really, why do guys like boobs so much? There are countless theories out there that range from scientifically proven to all-out ridiculous. Remember those cheesy movies where the girls are forced to point to their eyes and say something like ‘hey, I’m up here, not down there” to a guy that’s staring at their chest?

Well, even though it’s not funny anymore, the fellas are, indeed, infatuated by boobs. Now, this “abnormal” attention is very much appreciated by the ladies, which is why it’s all good. The point of this why do guys like boobs post is to try to figure out the physical and mental reasons for this obsession. Don’t worry – we won’t get overly scientific.

Interesting fact: human females are the only creatures on planet Earth that grow their boobs with maturity. Why is that, exactly? Believe it or not, the docs/scientists/historians haven’t come up with an answer yet! Ok, let us go right ahead and talk about the things we do know.

Why Do Guys Like Boobs – Breaking It Down

#1 – They Are Mesmerizing

From a physical point of view, a woman’s breast is very beautiful. No matter the size, the shape, or the color, it’s what makes a lady look incredibly feminine. Some experts claim that boobs make the boys and men think that the opposite sex is very fragile (which is true) and thus, certain mechanisms kick in, forcing them to like women even more. But does it really have to do with that? We’ll probably never know!

#2 – A Woman’s Chest Makes A Man’s Imagination Go Wild

It’s no secret that a right piece of clothing can turn a man on even stronger than a completely nude body. We, the humans, are very curious and inquisitive creatures. It helps us survive in the harsh world and find new shelter, food, and make new acquaintances. And a woman’s chest looks incredibly sexy and mysterious when hiding behind a dress, bra, or anything else. The ladies sure do know how to pick a naughty piece of lingerie.

#3 – Boobs Move In A Very Sophisticated Manner

The sight of moving breasts (like when a girl is busy running on the treadmill) is very captivating for any grown human male. They can stand there for hours, trying to figure out the exact “pattern” that the boobs follow in their movement. The interesting thing is – for the ladies, this is funny at best, but for the fellas, it has an enchanting effect. Again, this phenomenon is very often being used in the movies and is a cliché.

Why Do Guys Like Boobs – Learning More Interesting Facts

#4 – They Feel Amazing Against A Guy’s Body

The ladies really love to put their heads on a masculine man’s chest when they’re sleeping. The fellas like to do the same. It is tiny physical sensations like this, all those little intimate things that help a couple get closer and strengthen the connection to each other. Going back to the topic of why do guys like boobs, the answer is simple: they just feel good. Besides, why do you think men tend to hug women so much?

#5 – People Always Want What They Don’t Have

Now, while most men feel very comfortable inside their own bodies, it’s only human to want things we don’t have. Women know that very well, and that’s exactly why they pick revealing and sexy clothes like we mentioned earlier. They love the effect their boobs have on men and are quick to accentuate their “advantages” in regular life and in business meetings. It might sound silly and childish, but hey – the world keeps spinning, doesn’t it?

#6 – A Woman’s Breasts Are Very “Maternal”

Numerous big-time experts in this field like to claim that the obsession with boobs has a lot to do with breastfeeding at an early stage of life. They say that it leaves a strong “imprint” on a man’s sub-consciousness and leads to an infatuation with this part of the female body at a later stage. However, these people can’t really explain why the girls don’t feel the same way (except for the gay women, of course)?

#7 – Boobs Are Trendy

Yes, as ridiculous as it might sound, marketing is a very powerful thing, and since the ancient times, people have been making money on the beauty of a woman’s body. That is exactly why even 10-year-old boys – kids, practically – are talking about boobs at school and think that it’s cool. Objectification is not really a good thing, though. Not every single girl out there likes when the opposite sex treats her like an object.

#8 – No Reason

Why do guys like boobs? No person out there can give you a 100% true answer, which is why “No reason” seems to be the most accurate thing to say. Obviously, all those things we discussed today are still quite important in helping us understand the very nature of this fixation, but at the end of the day, it’s just the nature of things, and you can’t really go against Mother Nature!

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