Sadly, in many relationships around the globe, cheating is a huge problem. It can be equally heart-wrenching, heart-breaking, and confusing. In this article, the topic is “Cheating in a relationship definition” and we’ll give you the 8 most common shapes of it. You might be surprised to hear that, but infidelity isn’t the only form of cheating.

It comes in many different forms, and they are all very, very bad. Even though people have different opinions about this, it doesn’t take any of the pain and frustration away. Sometimes, we let our emotions get ahead of ourselves and we break up the second we suspect our loved ones of being unfaithful.

Other times, we let it all “slide” just to protect ourselves from all the pain and resentment that will, without a doubt, follow. Let us take a closer look at this problem right now and identify the key forms of cheating.

Cheating In A Relationship Definition – The Most Common Forms

#1 – Physical Cheating

Yes, this is the most obvious one: when a person gets intimate with someone other than his/her partner. There is no second-guessing here. At the same time, it has different effects on men and women. In most cases, the fellas see cheating as physical rejection, betrayal, and think that there’s something wrong with them sexually. The ladies, on the other hand, tend to forgive their men and move on when they convince themselves that they are still loved and cherished. That phrase – “It didn’t mean anything” – has saved a lot of marriages.

#2 – Emotional Cheating

This is where things get really complicated. It doesn’t always include physical cheating and usually begins with you becoming more emotionally attached to other people (of opposite sex) than your own spouse. That includes sharing thoughts, dreams, and everything else in between with them, not your soul mate. In many ways, this is a more destructive form of cheating, as it destroys the very foundation of a marriage/relationship.

Cheating In A Relationship Definition – Living A Double Life

#3 – Hiding Your Feelings For Another Person

This is very close to emotional cheating, with the only difference that this isn’t just a flirt, a fling, or a sharing of deep, dark secrets. This is when you love someone else but don’t have the guts to tell your loved one. When the other person finds out, everything breaks down. In most cases, people don’t even act on these feelings, meaning they never have sex with them. Still, it doesn’t make it right when they’re doing that.

#4 – Fantasizing About A Different Man/Woman

This isn’t wrong as long as you’re doing it together with your spouse/friend. But in some couples, one of the partners has a secret attraction towards people of the same sex and never admits that. Say, when a woman opens up about this and offers a threesome that can be cool. On the other hand, hiding that for months, or years is not healthy and can really hurt what you have with your significant other.

#5 – Concealing Your Bad Money-Wasting Habit

While this might not fall under the “regular” cheating in a relationship definition, hiding your debt/passion for cards/casino can lead to a lot of trouble. It’s not cheating per se, but rather a betrayal of her/his trust. Remember: money is a very dangerous thing and has the power of destroying even the best couples out there. So, be honest about your addictions and try to fight them together.

Cheating In A Relationship Definition – Digital Cheating

#6 – Cyber Cheating

The Internet is becoming more and more popular, and with that, new forms of cheating come forth. Flirting online, dating men/women on social media and pornography are the most common forms. For obvious reasons, cyber cheating is very hard to recognize and to catch (you’ll have to know the passwords of your loved one to do that). And while porn is all about sexual fantasies, flirting can turn into emotional cheating.

#7 – SMS Cheating

It might sound a bit ridiculous to you, but chexting is a thing these days. This whole thing started with celebrities being caught sending romantic/inappropriate messages and pictures to their lovers. According to some “experts”, text messages are direct proof of cheating. People use them to schedule dates and/or send their nudes as we just mentioned.

#8 – Secret Social Media Addictions

This is another one of those “stupid” things that tend to ruin everything. So, stop being in love with your phone and start paying attention to the real person next to you. Besides, liking the posts of your ex, checking out Instagram accounts of hot chicks, and doing other hurtful things is not really that manly. Same goes for the women, by the way.

Alright, that’s pretty much it for today’s topic – cheating in a relationship definition. Appreciate your loved ones and never let them down!

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