What is love? People have been asking this question ever since the ancient times, and we still don’t have the answer. But one thing is clear: love is a choice, not a feeling, and in this post, we’ll give you 8 proofs of that claim.

These simple, yet not always easy steps will help you keep the love alive and show your man/woman that you choose to love them, as opposed to just blindly follow a certain set of emotions. It might be sad to some folks to realize that love doesn’t last forever. On the other hand, it changes into something else, something bigger, stronger, and more meaningful.

So, join us in trying to understand this concept – love is a choice – and finding ways to prove that to the people we really care about. Here’s the hard and cold truth: while “young” love is easy and full of rainbows, a “mature” love requires a lot of hard work. In order to stand strong on both feet and still love and cherish each other after years or decades of marriage, you’ll need to put in a lot of work. Alright, let’s get right to it then!

8 Proofs That Love Is A Choice – The Basics

#1 – Be Honest With Your Spouse. 24/7

Yes, it is hard, especially when it comes to the person that you love because honesty can sometimes ruin a relationship. At the same time, if the two of you follow the rule of 100% honesty with each other, then you’ll definitely go further than the couples that prefer to hide things from one another. It will be tough at first; might even seem impossible, but if you struggle through it, the reward will be quite great.

#2 – Don’t Be Shy To Talk About Your Feelings

This applies more to the men than the women as historically, the fellas are less open about themselves. Despite the fact that the stupid stereotype of you being a lesser man when you share your emotions/feelings has nothing to do with the real life, many males still live by its rules.

Well, stop that! Open up and let her in. After all, she is the one and only person in the world that will know all the intimate details about you, and that will make the marriage stronger.

#3 – Never Stop Working On Yourself

Even if you are a 70-year-old man/woman, that doesn’t mean you should stop improving yourself in every way possible. Gain more knowledge, confidence, and start to feel good about your new achievements. While the physical body always comes first in sex, you’ll be amazed by how big of an impression your newly-found confidence will have on the other person in the relationship. Wisdom and confidence are sexy, that’s for sure.

 8 Proofs That Love Is A Choice – Appreciate Your Life

#4 – Live A Full Life – Don’t Just Go With It

Wait, what does this have to do with proving that love is a choice? First of all, this means that you won’t ever give up chasing your dreams. It has a lot to do with working on yourself, but also with striving to live like each day is the last one. That way, you’ll impress your beloved to do the same thing. Besides, living to the fullest means proving to your significant other that he/she matters the most to you and you want to discover new things together.

#5 – Work On Something That You Love

True, in the modern-day world, it’s not that easy to do work that you like, but do try to find a compromise between what you have to do and what you really love. The thing is – a work that’s depressing and stressful won’t allow you to commit to your relationship and do nice things for your spouse. Again, love is a choice, and you’ll have to leave your comfort zone and search for something more satisfying if you want to have a healthy marriage.

#6 – Act As If The Honeymoon Has Never Ended

Go back to those days when you were on your first honeymoon: it felt pretty amazing, didn’t it? Well, what’s stopping you from “reincarnating” all those feelings and emotions? We do understand that the feelings might not be as bright as in the past, but that’s not really an excuse. So, spend every single day as if you’re just falling in love with him/her and treat that person accordingly.

8 Proofs That Love Is A Choice – Be A Better Human Being

#7 – Control Your Emotions

Sometimes, anger, resentment, frustration, and other emotions can get the best of us. Don’t let them! An outburst of anger will only cause your marriage harm. A lack of control can hurt really bad and change something in a relationship. Therefore, learn to control yourself and always keep it together.

#8 – Get Physical

The fellas might not be big fans of all that kissing/touching/hugging mumbo-jumbo, but those are a huge part of a healthy relationship. Even if you don’t like all that, prove that love is a choice but doing it for your woman. Besides, if you really love her, it won’t be a problem for you to show that in a physical way. Physical affection is a vital part of any couple’s life.

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