If you’re well past the one-night-stand/meaningless sex phase and are ready for something bigger, we’ve got 8 good questions to ask your girlfriend before committing. No, it doesn’t mean you can’t start a serious relationship with a young lady before she answers every single one of these questions.

What we’re offering is a list of things that you need to discuss, or, rather, hear her thoughts on so that you know exactly where your friendship is going. The two of you need to be on the same page on most of these things in order to have a healthy relationship. Ideally, these questions to ask your girlfriend need to be out of the way before things get too far.

But, again, that doesn’t always work like that. So, keep the following list close and be ready to storm her with this “interrogation” in the nearest future. Do you like these questions? Maybe you’ve got some of your own? Don’t hesitate to comment!

8 Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend – The Basics

#1 – What Is She Committed To?

If this is a long-term thing, then both parties have to be 100% ready to work hard to resolve any possible conflicts, keep the love for each other, and sacrifice certain things in order for the relationship to survive. Some girls can’t imagine their lives without fancy material things; others always put their careers first and don’t really have time to “cuddle.” You’ll need to find a woman that will do everything in her power for the family to prosper.

#2 – What Does Love Mean To Her?

Have you ever heard about the compatibility meter? Basically, you know that the two of you will be great together if you love the same way. Without a doubt, the ability to love is the most important “feature” of any human being out there. Is this girl mature enough to be able to truly love you and the family that you’re creating with one another, or maybe this is just a fling for her, something to move on from?

#3 – An Ideal Relationship – What’s It Like For Her?

Basically, you’ll need to understand what this girl you’re dating/about to start living with is expecting from a relationship with a man. Again, is this just a temporal stop to catch her breath in search for Prince Charming, or is she ready to go all in? Does the man have to support her 100%, while she is supposed to take care of the home, or maybe it’s more of a modern-day 50/50 kind of a thing?

8 Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend – Intimate And Personal

#4 – Ask Her About The Happiest/Saddest Moments In Her Life

These answers can tell you a lot about any person, especially a woman. It would be great if you find her personal experiences to be similar to yours. True, every single human being feels and sees things in a unique way, but, as mentioned earlier, soul mates tend to think and feel the same way. Generally speaking, if the girl’s happy moments mainly have to do with her family, then she’s probably good “marriage material.”

#5 – How Does She Feel About Her Family/Friends?

Does she still visit her mom and dad, her siblings? Do they have a good relationship with each other, or have they parted ways? Don’t necessarily jump to conclusions and turn into a judge and executioner, though. Another question: do her friends play a big role in her life; do they influence her in certain ways? Some girls like to go out with their buddies and party till 6 in the morning. Obviously, that will have to stop now that you’re a couple.

#6 – What Turns Her On/Makes Her Feel Sexy?

Sex is a very important part of any relationship, and you simply can’t ignore all the tiny things that can make it or break it for ya. Besides, if you really like her, then it won’t be a problem to ask these kinds of questions. Women are a lot less open about their sexual desires than the fellas, which means you should be gentle. Start slow and don’t be pushy. Remember: experimentation is the key.

8 Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend – Taking It A Step Further

#7 – What Are Her Goals In Life?

While this may very well take the rest of the day, it’s still very important to know about her goals and dreams. Of all the questions to ask your girlfriend, this one will help you better understand her as a person. It would be perfect if you find a way to combine your goals and pursue your dreams together – that will only make the relationship stronger.

It’s no secret that career chasers usually end up messing everything up. Luckily, when both the man and the woman are ready to sacrifice some of that “me time” for the mutual goal, everything is so much easier!

#8 – Is She Ready To Ever Settle Down?

No matter how much you want your dreams to come true, the family should always come first. What that means is the two of you need to think about settling down and having kids. So, ask her opinion on this: are there any children in the picture for her in the future, or does she consider them to be a “liability?”

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