Are you new to conscious dreaming? If the answer is yes, then the following 8 best lucid dreaming tips will help you make sense of it all and get yourself ready for it. The most important thing you gotta understand is that we are all different, and our subconscious minds don’t work the same way. According to the experts, it’s this part of the brain that handles dreams.

You’ll need to come to an understanding with your subconscious, so to speak, and learn to control your state of mind. The trick here is to realize that you’re in a dream. Once you do that, it will become a lot easier to take matters into your own hands. As we just said, people are different: for some, “striking deals” with the brain is easy; for others, in order to switch to lucid dreaming, they have to practice for months.

Alright, let us take a look at our lucid dreaming tips and see exactly what we can all do to enter this transitional state between being awake and asleep. So, are you ready to have some conscious dreams?

8 Best Lucid Dreaming Tips – Starting Slow

#1 – Be Picky With The Food

As they say, we are what we eat, which is exactly why it’s super important to eat the right food. To keep things easy and down-to-Earth, let us just say that Coca-Cola, burgers and candy bars aren’t really what you need for this.

Go with something that’s full of nutrients and will truly feed your body. It’s no secret that what we eat has a great effect on our mood, mental state, activity, and even happiness. Oh, and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

#2 – Work Your Mind Every Day

Take at least a couple of minutes a day to close your eyes and just imagine yourself being able to lucid dream and control everything. This way, you’ll tell your brain that this is something you’re going to do soon, thus giving it a chance to get itself ready.

Of all the lucid dreaming tips, focusing on your mindset is probably the most vital step. The human mind is very adaptive and “fine-tunes” itself to match our thoughts and beliefs.

#3 – Don’t Forget To Tell Your Buddies About It

It’s obvious: the more people you talk to and share your dreams with, the more real the idea of lucid dreaming will become. Over time, this journey will turn from just a thought into something normal. Besides, during conversations with your friends, you might learn a thing or two that will make the experience more interesting and exciting.

8 Best Lucid Dreaming Tips – Getting Right To It

#4 – Consider This To Be An Adventure

For some folks, the idea of entering a half-conscious state is pretty scary, even though they still want to do it. So, to relax and to clear your mind, treat this as a journey – a long one. It’s rare for a person to be successful in lucid dreaming after only a couple of tries, which means this is going to take a while. Keep practicing, learn new things, and always remember that real results will only come after extensive training.

#5 – Get Inspired By The World Around You

As we mentioned earlier, there are no minor things in lucid dreaming. Everything counts, including the people you talk to, the music you listen to, the movies you watch – you name it. Therefore, it would be wise to start reading/watching some lucid dreaming tips (like this article) to get yourself in the right mood. Visiting foreign countries is another great idea, as the trip will generate new, vivid dreams.

#6 – Do Constant Reality Checks

A false awakening is a thing, and you’ll need to learn to do a reality check every now and then to make sure you’re truly awake. Sometimes, people think they are awake from a lucid dream when they actually aren’t. This might sound strange and even scary, but it really isn’t. And one more thing: once you do wake up, don’t be quick to move: just lie there, going through the dream you just had.

8 Best Lucid Dreaming Tips – Getting Comfy

#7 – Turn Off All Light Sources

You do know that light will keep you awake, right? At the same time, natural light early in the morning is more than welcome. The best case scenario – “smart curtains” that will keep you in the dark during the night and then open up in the morning to let that healing light wake you up. Out there, in the jungle, there are no windows, which means you always go to sleep when it’s pitch dark and the sun wakes you up with those rays.

#8 – Relax Before Hitting The Sack

After a hard day at work, it will be nice to have a warm bath or something like that. Treat yourself to a massage, maybe, or just stand under a hot shower. Of all the lucid dreaming tips, this one might play a bigger role than most people think.

Read a book, or watch a movie to calm your mind and get ready for the journey. They say that hard work during the day and 10-15 minutes of relaxation before going to bed are ideal for a nice, 8-hour sleep.

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