When it comes to dating, there are no right and wrong moves – what matters is whether you get the girl at the end of not. As for the following 7 ways to succeed in dating girls, they will be of great help both for the beginners and the pros. The worst thing in trying to get a beautiful lady’s attention is when you use the same techniques, even though they make you fail every single time.

True, it’s not that easy to find the best “course of action” when talking to the opposite sex, but please, do try to be at least a little bit creative and don’t go hitting that same wall over and over again hoping to break it. Our 7 ways to succeed in dating girls might not be the best ones for you. However, they will, without a doubt, give you some perspective and help you see the bigger picture.

So, the next day you find yourself staring at a gorgeous woman in the middle of the street, unable to say anything constructive to her, make sure to remember the things we’re about to teach you. Alright, let us get right to it and see what we’re dealing with!

7 Ways To Succeed In Dating Girls – The Basics

#1 – Never Lose Faith In Yourself

As strange as it might sound, when you start believing in yourself, so does the rest of the globe. And it applies not only to dating/impressing women but in every other aspect of life, be it starting a business, going through tough breaks, etc. The sad part is – most fellas are insecure as it’s quite hard to really believe in your own strength. Well, at least you know now that confidence is attractive and changes the world around you.

#2 – Work Hard, Play Hard

If you want to be a true master of dating, you’ll have to put in a lot of work. Reading one single book or talking to your buddies every now and then doesn’t count: get used to the idea of spending at least 15-30 minutes on this every single day. It doesn’t have to be one thing – watching videos, reading articles, going out and trying your luck count as time well-spent. Don’t rush it: there’s a perfect girl for you out there, you just gotta find her.

#3 – Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Even though men are supposed to be rough and tough, they can be quite fragile sometimes. And when it comes to dating girls, failures can be quite hurtful. Well, don’t let them be! No pain, no gain. Constant failures are just a part of the process. Getting rejected is no fun, but you shouldn’t turn this “minor inconvenience” into something huge. Get back up on your feet, beat out the dust, and keep going.

7 Ways To Succeed In Dating Girls – Get Your Priorities Straight

#4 – Learn From Your Mistakes

We just talked about the importance of accepting your failures. And while that is, indeed, very important, you’ll have to take away something from each failure in order to become better at this dating game. Learn from your mistakes, analyze every single interaction with the ladies and make sure not to make them again. Real-world experiences are great teachers – let them help you in upping your skills.

#5 – Love And Respect Women

We all love women and can appreciate their beauty, elegance, and everything else in between. However, sometimes, we lose track of it all and start wondering whether it’s all worth it. Don’t ever lose sight of all those “riches” that will come your way once you conquer the heart and mind of a lovely woman.

Plus, always love and respect women, because that’s what a true gentleman does. Please, don’t turn into a hater simply because a couple of young ladies rejected you on the first dates! Man up and get to work!

#6 – Listen To What The Ladies Have To Say

Let’s admit it: most fellas don’t. But it’s very important to listen to them, because (1) they’re usually smarter than men, and (2) by listening to a woman, you’ll show your appreciation and respect, which is always a good thing. It’s not rare for the guys to ignore whatever their dates are saying and then embarrass themselves by not remembering a single thing they said.

So, don’t behave like a total ass – pay at least some of your attention to her words. Of the 7 ways to succeed in dating girls, listening is probably the most neglected one

#7 – Don’t Be Afraid To Share Your Opinion

This applies to the ladies as well. Human beings are always afraid that their opinions/thoughts/hobbies will be laughed at. And so, they prefer not to share them. But if you do, that will mean you’ve got some confidence, and that’s a big bonus for any men’s resume.

Insecurity is the least sexy thing in a guy – remember that. It’s not that hard to earn the respect of a real woman: just be yourself and don’t switch sides, so to speak.

Obviously, we’ve just scratched the surface with today’s 7 ways to succeed in dating girls. Hopefully, you’ll use this 101 to further improve your dating skills. Never stop chasing that one and the only girl simply because she didn’t call back after the first date. Be a predator – that’s another one of those things that women like!

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