We’ve got good news for you, honey: you’re not the only one trying to figure out how to find a boyfriend! The demand is always greater than the supply, and that is exactly why it’s always hard to find Prince Charming. The thing is – there are plenty of boys and men on the planet, but only a select few will be able to give you exactly what you need.

True, modern-day ladies are getting more and more demanding, but the same goes for the guys. And while only Lady Luck can determine whether you’ll end up with an amazing man or not, the following How To Find A Boyfriend tips will help you along the way. Before we start: you need to get yourself ready for all kinds of confusing, frustrating, and maybe even dangerous dates.

Only after a series of bad experiences will you get to meet the one and only Knight In Shining Armor. Every girl out there knows that a lot of disappointment comes with meeting the wrong guys before finding the right one. We don’t have any super-secret formulas; at the same time, it’s always useful to have all the options right there in front of you. Ok, let’s get to it!

How To Find A Boyfriend – Starting Out Slow

#1 – Use The Power Of The Internet

Online dating, really? Why not?! There are thousands, if not millions of dating websites on the Internet, and if you do everything right, something good might come out of your meticulous “research.” Every single decent dating website allows the users to fine-tune the search engine and select certain age groups, hobbies, and everything else in between. Fellody and OKCupid are a great place to start. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky?

#2 – Try Your Luck On A Blind Date

Yes, it can be a bit scary, but, again, the reward might be worth it all. Most girls are afraid of blind dates because of the horror stories they hear from their friends. Still, it’s worth giving a shot. The most common practice is to ask your BFFs to set up a blind date with a single guy they know.

Obviously, they’ll do their best to find a guy who’s not a maniac or a woman hater. If you end up marrying that man, get ready for constant brags by these friends. None of that will matter if the guy is right, though.

#3 – Just Put Yourself Out There

If you’re not really sure how to find a boyfriend online and are skeptical about blind dates, there’s always the real world to explore. Every single public place you visit has the potential of bringing you together with your future husband. The bank, the grocery store, the gym, the bus you take to the office – it doesn’t really matter. Don’t just stand there: wear something nice and keep your eyes peeled.

 How To Find A Boyfriend – Going Creative

#4 – Join A Group/Class

This is one of those classic yet original moves for getting the attention of potential boyfriends. It doesn’t really matter what you’re into – what’s more important is that you pick a group that you really like. There’s nothing worse than pretending to be into literature only to get busted later. Follow your heart and attend whatever class/group is closer to your heart. This way, you won’t have to be embarrassed about your hobby, as you’ll share it!

#5 – Speed Dating – Give It A Try

It’s just as simple as it sounds and might be the best answer to today’s question – how to find a boyfriend? Spend 2 to 3 minutes talking to a guy: if there’s no spark, then just say goodbye. Sounds harsh? Well, that doesn’t mean this technique isn’t effective.

Men that are ready to do speed dating with you know in advance what to expect, so, no hard feelings there. Forget about nervous dates that last forever! Be the judge and the jury in these dates and “scroll” through dozens of guys instead of going through a boring dinner with only one man.

#6 – Consider Going To Singles Nights

When everything else fails and you still don’t know how to find a boyfriend, singles nights could be perfect for you. These days, you don’t necessarily have to go to clubs for that. If you’re living in a relatively big town, there will be more than enough places that host them. Pick one you like and roll! Even people with the most ridiculous hobbies will find folks that think and feel alike, and isn’t that ultimately what single men/women are looking for?

#7 – Don’t Rush Anything

Sometimes, it feels like nothing (or, rather, no one) is good enough for us, and that may be a very depressing thought. Don’t let it be! Maybe the Universe is simply trying to tell you that a boyfriend is not really in the picture for you right now?

Dig really deep into your own brain and try to give yourself an honest answer: do I really need a man beside me, or is it just something that I’m imposing on myself? Don’t push yourself into a relationship simply because that’s what society/friends/family want from you. Casual dates and one-night-stands are a lot of fun!

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