As they say, love is a choice, not a feeling. And today we’ll discuss the 7 love languages that will help you better understand your own self and your love for the other person in the relationship. Love is hard: we are all very different, and in order for two opposites to co-exist and to keep the feeling alive and well, both parties will have to put in a lot of hard work.

Despite all the languages, gadgets, and spiritual journeys, we still struggle with communicating. As strange as it might sound, love is also a battlefield, and sometimes, we get lost in the fight instead of focusing all our attention on finding compromises and being thankful for what we have.

So, what are these 7 love languages all about? Look at them as some sort of keys that will fit into the lock and help you open new doors towards your love. Remember: if you want your relationship to prosper, you’ll need to be aware of every single “tool” out there that has the potential of keeping it all together. And without the following “languages”, you won’t be able to make it anywhere.

7 Love Languages – The Basics

#1 – Touching

A simple touch has the ability to stop wars, destroy entire planets, and, in our case, keep love alive. Try to remember the last time you were holding hands with your boyfriend/girlfriend, listening to their heartbeat and feeling their hair in your face.

A touch allows us to connect, to feel wanted and to let others know we appreciate them. Shaking hands, holding one another’s shoulders, giving someone a hug – it’s all there, around us. But when it comes to the 7 love languages, a touch also has a healing capacity. Don’t ever underestimate it!

#2 – Finding Time For Each Other

It’s no secret that the world is spinning faster than ever. For us, the regular men and women, that means we don’t even have enough time to kiss our babies in the morning or to cuddle with our loved ones. So, after a hard day at work, the fellas just drink beer and/or watch a game instead of spending at least 5 minutes with their women.

It’s understandable but totally unacceptable. The thing is – women feel the lack of physical contact a lot stronger than men. Believe us: once you start dedicating at least a couple of minutes to your spouse, things will change for the better.

#3 – Giving Your Loved One Presents

Why not try to give him/her something special aside from their birthday and Christmas? Surprise your partner and enjoy their priceless reaction. Turn a regular day into a special occasion and make your soul mate feel loved. No need to spend your family’s budget on that present: something as trifle as a flower or some cheap jewelry will be more than enough.

7 Love Languages – Taking It A Bit Further

#4 – Having The Courage To Ask For Help

This is especially true for the boys/men: they don’t really like to ask for help, especially their women. Well, forget all those stupid stereotypes and go for it. Even the strongest people in the world need the help of others at some point. Of all the 7 love languages, this is probably the most important one. We’re talking about admitting that you need help and/or helping your partner, thus making your connection and love for each other stronger than ever.

#5 – Remembering The Importance Of Compliments

When was the last time you encouraged your man to do something? And when was the last time you told your woman she’s beautiful and stunning? In the daily routine, we forget about all those things we did for one another and all those words we said. Yes, it’s not that easy to handle the daily problems and still find time for all that “silly stuff”, but it is, indeed, very important.

So, even if you’ve been asking your man to hammer a nail or take out the trash for ages, you’ll still need to find it in your heart to praise him. We, the human beings, are always in desperate need of appreciation – it gives us the necessary strength to strive for greatness.

Same goes for the fellas: don’t ever forget to compliment on her looks, her new dress, and all those things she takes care of at home. Turn into the rock that your significant other needs and life will become an amazing adventure.

#6 – Doing Something Nice For Him/Her

As we said in the beginning, love is a choice, and it’s hard work. To put it simply, love is all about action, not words. That means you’ll have to sacrifice your own free time and do something special for your loved one. Say, she likes a hot bath after work.

Find some time in your busy schedule to create a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom with some candles and stuff. Or, if your man loves video games, buy him the latest bestseller so that he can enjoy it in the evening. It’s the little things that make all the difference!

#7 – Appreciating Your Partner

This is very similar to finding time for them and complimenting on their looks/achievements, only this time around, you’ll need to remind your own self exactly why you love your man/woman. Sometimes, we forget why we’re even living with that other person, but if you truly love him/her, it won’t be hard to find the reasons why. Fact: if you compliment them in a public place or when you’re together with your friends, the effect will be even greater.

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