Come on, admit it: you have a special name for your girl that you use when the two of you are alone – that’s totally natural. Today, we’ll try to find some cute names for your girlfriend so that the two of you can “spice things up” from time to time. As a general rule, nicks come from the real name of a person that we’re in love with.

Say, if your girlfriend is Kate, something like Kitty might be fitting. Other times, the nicks have absolutely nothing in common with the real names except for the way they make you feel. Peach is a girl that’s simply delicious (in every way possible); sunshine is someone that always lifts up your mood. Please be careful with picking cute names for your girlfriend, especially if you’re just getting to know each other.

Chances are, she’ll misread your intentions. For example, Boo is a bit outdated, and you probably won’t be able to pull it off unless you’re a classy black dude from the 90s. Angel is more fitting for a daughter or a niece; Gorgeous is a pretty common nickname and one of the “safest” ones. Be careful with Wifey though, because some girls don’t like it. Hot-stuff is from the 80s but could still work.

7 Cute Names For Your Girlfriend – Making A Perfect Pick

#1 – Darling

This is one of those nicknames that can fit a young girl, a mature woman, and even someone you meet on the street. Therefore, it’s not very special. On the other hand, if you really love each other, it doesn’t really matter how popular it is – what matters is how it makes the two of you feel. We would still advice against using Darling in social spots, simply because it’s pretty corny.

#2 – Sugar/Candy

As far as the most playful nicknames go, this one’s right there in the top-3. Sugar is usually a lover or a girl you just met. So, if you call your girlfriend Sugar, that means you’re really into her and not afraid to show it. Confidence is one of the best qualities a man can ever have; so, you should just go with it. Along with Darling, this name is regularly being used by older women when talking to your girls. It’s still sexy if you say it, though.

#3 – My Love/Baby

What girl/woman wouldn’t want her man to call her that, right? According to the experts, My Love is more appropriate if you’ve been in a relationship/marriage for a long time (or if you’re a Spanish man with an attractive accent). My baby, in turn, is a more casual and “harmless” nickname. Note for the ladies: guys that call their girl love/baby are usually quite reliable and are ready to do whatever it takes to satisfy their women – keep that in mind!

7 Cute Names For Your Girlfriend – Using Your Imagination

#4 – Hottie/Sexy

Again, boys tend to say these words when they’re trying to impress a girl that barely even know. Therefore, if you’re already together, and he’s calling you Sexy in front of your mutual friends, that means he’s really into you. A quick note for the fellas: some girls don’t really like to be “exposed” in public, and that’s totally ok. Make sure you find the names that she is comfortable with both when you’re alone and when you’re enjoying a social time together.

#5 – My Princess

For some men, this nickname is more appropriate for little girls (usually, the daughters), which is why it will feel weird to call their loved ones that. Yet, of all the cute names for your girlfriend, this is probably the cutest one, as it tells her that she owns your heart. Queen is also a great nick, but for some girls, it makes them feel old, and no woman out there wants that. So, experiment until you find the perfect pick.

#6 – Bunny/Cupcake

No, just no. Believe us: even though women love men that can express their emotions and be weak at times, they’re always looking for a strong male. And bunny and/or cupcake will make you look like a momma’s boy, which is the biggest turn off for the ladies. Only a guy with sky-high confidence will be able to pull these two off without “burning” himself. Come on, who calls his girl cupcake?!

#7 – Baby Doll/Baby Girl/Shorty

Thank the black fellas for these ones. When you’re calling your girl Baby Doll/Baby Girl, that instantly makes her feel little and fragile, which is exactly what you need. As for Shorty/Shawtie, it’s a classic “urban” name. Young guys that are trying to look a lot older and stronger than they actually are can use one of these nicknames to impress their girlfriends. Don’t overdo it, though, because fake confidence is actually really bad.

Alright, that’s pretty much it for our list of cute names for your girlfriend. If you know your soul mate really well, then it won’t be hard to find the perfect nickname for her. And if it is, just scroll through the list, pick a name or two, and “test” them on your significant other. Soon, you’ll find out exactly what she likes to be called when you’re all alone or out there, among your friends.

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