If you’re out of the “dating game”, putting yourself out there won’t be easy. In fact, your body may react in a very nervous way, which isn’t really what you need. So, let’s figure out how to stop panic attacks when meeting a new man/woman that you like. Fact: when that special boy or girl comes knocking at your door, it doesn’t even matter if you’re a pro at this, because your heart will start racing regardless.

The key here is to learn how to handle your pre-date anxiety and take matters into your own hands. This has everything to do with getting into the right mindset.

How To Get Into The Right Head Space?

Just try to put all of that pressure aside and focus on what’s really important: dressing up nicely, using good perfume, not being late – those kinds of things. It is really possible to reach such a level of coolness before your first date?

Absolutely – just follow our lead in this how to stop panic attacks tutorial and you’ll see! Relax, get ready to have some fun, and think about happy stuff, like maybe a little bit of that sweet romance at the end.

How To Stop Panic Attacks On A First Date – Our Guide

#1 – Pick A Place Where You’ll Feel At Home

If there’s a special spot in town that you like (say, a nice café, a restaurant, or a beautiful park), don’t be afraid to suggest it as your rendezvous point. Believe us: while in a familiar place, you’ll feel a lot more at ease and relaxed than in a foreign, “dangerous” spot. As an alternative, it would also be a great idea to invite that guy/gal you like to play a game/do some activity that you’re good at.

#2 – Pull Some Weights Before Calling Him/Her

This is especially true for the fellas: there’s no better way to boost your testosterone levels and to get some quick endorphins than after a rough-tough workout. This will also give you a bonus to confidence and self-esteem, both of which are incredibly important in the first date. In fact, of all the how to stop panic attacks tips, this one’s probably the most effective one in the short run.

#3 – Don’t Let Your Mind Play Tricks On You

What we mean by that is keep busy 24/7. That way, your brain will be constantly working and simply won’t have any time to worry about the upcoming date. It sounds silly, but in real life, this is a very effective trick.

Some people like to hang out with their best friends before meeting the new boyfriends/girlfriends to get an additional boost to confidence. Short, yet effective phrases like “Knock ‘em dead!”, “Get ‘em tiger”, and “You go, girl!” are the best ones.

#4 – Let Trendy Bangers Hype You Up

If you’re a guy, then choose a rap track with brag-happy lyrics. Repeat after them and find yourself getting more and more confident. The ladies, in turn, should go with something like smooth R’n’B or that “Diva” tunes where Beyoncé and similar artists stand up for their sexuality and take pride in being women. A song lasts +/- 3 minutes, which makes it a perfect get-you-ready trick when it’s already time to move out.

#5 – Don’t Forget To Breathe!

While everything that we discussed in today’s How to stop panic attacks guide is very helpful, when you’re about to enter the bar/café and say hi to your date, anxiety can kick in within seconds. To prevent that, calm yourself by balancing out your breathing. In, out, in, out – do that for about a minute and roll.

#6 – Enjoy It

We’re not even going to elaborate on that one. Just try to enjoy the time with this potential new partner that you’re about to meet and see where that takes you!

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