Commitment is not a joke: settling down is a big move, and you gotta always be prepared for it. The fear of commitment is real, but it’s nothing to be ashamed about. This is especially true for the young men and women that are thinking about starting something serious with their partners.

Our minds tend to “strike” us with all kinds of doubts; thankfully, there are a lot of remedies for that. So, if your fear of commitment is getting bigger and stronger, and you’re out of options, let the following 5 tips come to your aid. Sometimes, all we need to get back on our feet and to regain our confidence are a couple of simple, yet effective steps.

The first thing you gotta do before even thinking about commitment is to get yourself together – as simple as that. Without fixing your own body and mind, you won’t ever be able to make that life-defining move and be responsible for someone else. Therefore, make sure to work on your issues and get everything in line before starting a relationship.

5 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Commitment

#1 – Don’t Be Afraid To Rely On Others

Yes, we did just say that you’ll need to do a lot of work on your own before thinking about commitment. But being ready to depend on others and accept their love and support is just as important. Letting other people in is one of the toughest challenges, actually, and you’ll have to master that for a healthy, balanced relationship. As they say, a partnership/marriage is all about trusting and relying on one another.

#2 – Never Let The Failures Bring Your Down

Sometimes, a bad experience with an ex can be the biggest obstacle towards starting a new life with someone else. It’s simple, really: you’ve been hurt in the past before, and now you’re afraid that it’s going to happen again.

This leads to a huge fear of commitment. But hey – whether we like it or not, constant failures are a huge part of who we are as human beings, and through them, we become stronger. Accept that fact and keep going forward!

#3 – Find The Strength To Forgive

This is similar to forgetting your failures. It’s not rare for us to be disappointed in some people and to think that no man/woman can ever be trusted. Yes, it’s not easy to forgive and to start believing in honest, open relationship; regardless, that’s what you’ll have to do if you want to move on.

Anger, confusion, and resentment are very powerful emotions – they are capable of holding you back forever. Find a way to let go of those people that hurt you.

#4 – Keep Searching For Your Perfect Soul Mate

It won’t really matter what you had to go through in the past when you meet the right man/woman. A true soul mate will help you forget everything else and focus on the future. In most cases, the fear of commitment is hard to beat, but if there are butterflies in your stomach, that will give you all the necessary strength and confidence in your mutual success as a couple.

#5 – Share Your Fear Of Commitment

Without a doubt, this is the hardest step. We, the humans, are always afraid to get out of our comfort zones and to sacrifice our freedom. Sharing all those doubts and fears will help you see it all from a different perspective. If he/she really loves you, they’ll ensure you that there’s no need in giving up on yourself and forgetting about your own, personal goals and dreams.

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