Let’s get one thing clear right from the start: obsessive thoughts aren’t necessarily always bad. Say, if you quit smoking, your mind will probably keep reminding you that. This is totally normal and it doesn’t mean you’re dealing with some mental illness simply because of some “nagging” images.

Another example: try to stop eating anything for a couple of days – your brain will make sure not to let you forget about the importance of eating. That’s how it works. At the same time, for some folks, obsessive thoughts aren’t that easy to fight simply because they have very little to do with the outside world.

For example, people with this condition can’t stop thinking about something horrible, like a lying husband, bad luck, accidents, diseases, you name it. So, what can you do in such a situation? What is the best course of action?

Remember this: most of the time, obsessive thoughts are a result of various problems, like panic, depression, and fear, to name a few. Another important thing: don’t treat this as a catastrophe, but rather try to find ways to deal with your “stubborn” mind. And the following tips will help you do that.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Obsessive Thoughts

# 1 – Don’t Fight It!

As weird as it might sound, sometimes, welcoming these kinds of thoughts might be the best remedy. The thing is – when you try to suppress any kinds of thoughts, the mind tends to always bring them back (that is just the nature of things). Yes, it is kinda absurd, but it’s better to know what you’re dealing with, right? Again, using strong will to stop yourself from going back to the same memories/pictures/ideas/thoughts is never a good move.

#2 – Welcome The Obsessive Thoughts

Yep, you heard it right: instead of pushing them away, welcome them. Think about the effect they have on you and realize that it’s not really the end of the world. As soon as you stop giving them more credit than they deserve, they’ll magically disappear.

To put it simply, if you fight it, your subconsciousness will keep “beating” you with the obsessive thoughts, and there’s no way to win in this fight. On the other hand, if you welcome these thoughts/ideas, your mind will finally “relax” and let go.

#3 – Logic Doesn’t Always Help

Emotions are the only “food” that obsessive thoughts need. Those include anxiety, fear, and even desires. As soon as you start to worry about something, your entire brain gets cluttered by corresponding thoughts. What can you do to stop that?

Do you best to take emotions out of the picture. Never use arguments as to why these fears are baseless because they’ll still keep coming. Logic is a great thing, but it’s not helpful in this case.

#4 – Find Some “Killer” Answers

Even though it’s best to keep quiet and never argue with your subconsciousness, a couple of assured affirmations will definitely be useful. For example, if you’re shy and constantly think of someone barging through the door while you’re getting undressed, say this to yourself: “I’ve got a double lock on the door. Plus, in the last 10 years, no one has ever even tried to break through a closed door.” Make sure the statement is short and clear.

#5 – Shift Your Focus

The second an obsessive thought comes knocking at the door, focus on something else – other thoughts, a conversation, a movie, a book – whatever. However, it’s not that easy to do and usually requires a lot of practice.

Keep switching your focus over and over again until your mind gives up control. Don’t be upset over the fact that you fail at blowing these thoughts away. Instead, keep fighting that good fight. Over time, control will come.

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