Just imagine this: you have to wake up early in the morning – there’s a busy day ahead of you. And the most important thing to do right now is to get some sleep. But you can’t get any and don’t really know what to do when your bored at night. Well, there are some things you CAN do in order to relieve some of that stress and maybe even “persuade” your body to actually shut its eyes and have some nappy time.

Some experts say that it’s better to do some relaxing stuff and never do anything physical; others claim that the only way to get the human brain to produce melatonin is to make it work hard (including some heavy lifting). In this article, you’ll find some tried-and-true techniques for getting yourself busy and tired enough to finally go back to sleep.

Forget about tossing and turning while lying in that bed at night – get up and stay productive! Be creative and don’t let this unfortunate event turn you into a grumpy old man/lady. Ok, now it’s time to take a look at the best remedies.

What To Do When Your Bored At Night – Our Guide

#1 – Do Some Chores

Don’t laugh: midnight is actually a great time for doing some quality housework. First of all, this is your chance to do all those things that need to be done but you’re always finding an excuse not to. Secondly, chores are one of the most relaxing and even satisfying activities in any person’s life (yes that also includes the fellas).

Plus, everybody else is sleeping, which means you’ve got an entire house all to yourself. Just don’t turn on the vacuum cleaner and/or jump-start your engine in the garage!

#2 – Go For A Short Walk

Everything looks different during the night, and since most of us don’t really tend to walk around late at night, the new experiences will be quite amazing. When asked the following question – what to do when your bored at night – most people that have to deal with this name walking as their favorite thing. You don’t even have to walk for miles or put your favorite dress on: pick something casual and just go up and down the neighborhood. Fresh air is one of those things that our bodies need for going to sleep.

#3 – Check Your Email

This is similar to taking care of some chores. Our emails tend to pile up, and sometimes, we miss the most important stuff. So, grab a glass of water, turn your notebook/tablet on and slowly scroll through the mail.

Check the latest messages in the inbox first, as they’re probably important. The rest can be dealt with later. The doctors say that the bright display will prevent your body from switching to “sleep mode”; on the other hand, all that reading and typing will get you tired enough to shut down.

#4 – Listen To Your Favorite Tunes

Obviously, heavy metal or hardcore rap won’t cut it. Listen to relaxing music and let it set your mind to the right cause. There are numerous free playlists online for people that struggle with getting sleep at night. Slow-tempo music can be the one thing that will help you in this situation. So, if you don’t really know what to do when your bored at night, put a pair of headphones on, close your eyes, and try to relax.

#5 – Watch A Movie

If you have Netflix or just like to watch TV, try tuning in to something relaxing. According to official statistics, a ridiculous amount of people fall asleep in front of the TV; so, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Get yourself comfy on the bed and check out your favorite show once again. The fact that you’ll be 100% relaxed during this session will help your body go to sleep.

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