Love is a very complicated thing: sometimes, we feel those butterflies in our stomachs after one single look into that special person’s eyes. Other times, it’s pretty hard to figure out where it’s a true connection or just a temporary attraction. In this post, we’ll give you some tips and tricks for understanding whether it’s love at first sight or not.

Here are the sad statistics: over 80% of hot and sexy relationships that are driven by “chemistry” fall apart. The thing is – people that fall in love are confident that they’ll keep loving each other forever and that no “routine” problems will ever be able to break them apart.

We all know that love is an addiction, and, according to the experts, when we’re in love, that “excites” the same areas of the brain that light up when cocaine hits the bloodstream. Crazy, right? So, how do we see whether it is love or something that has the potential of turning our lives around a bad way? Let’s take a look at the list of signs.

Is It Love At First Sight Or Not? Our Guide

#1 – Your Crush Has Love And Respect For Others

Wait, why is that important when it’s you that he/she is supposed to love? Well, here’s the thing: a person that is in love with you but still finds it in him/her to respect others and show his good manners is a person you can (potentially) spend the rest of your life with.

Playboys and players, on the other hand, will focus 100% of their attention on you and will be rude to others. Remember: if your new love has a kind heart, you should seal the deal!

#2 – They Are Friends With The Opposite Sex

This is another one of those not-so-obvious signs that it is love at first sight: if your partner has friends in the opposite sex, especially their family members, chances are, they’ll be just as caring and loving when you join the picture. A great example is a man that visits his mom every now and then or a woman that takes care of her father.

#3 – He/She Lives In An Interesting World

We’re talking about people with fire inside of their eyes and passion for what they do. For these people, the only thing that is more important than their goals and dreams is true love. We’re not saying lazy men/women aren’t capable of loving. It’s just that they don’t have the necessary “animal drive”, and all you can count on with them is a meaningless fling.

#4 – None Of You Thought You’d “Click”

Often, we fall deeply in love with people that aren’t even our type. It might sound strange, but that’s the truth: love at first sight tends to happen with individuals that we’d never consider to be “relationship material”. It’s simple, really: if they managed to grab the attention of both your heart and mind without being your type, it means they’ve got a lot of good surprises in stores for you.

#5 – That Fire Changes Into True Love

If you find yourself deeply in love with a person after a couple of months of being together, then it is, indeed, love at first sight. That crazy attraction will, most certainly, wear off, and this will give you a perfect opportunity to check whether the affection and fascination have switched into true love and care or not.

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