When it comes to this topic, there aren’t any right or wrong answers; at least, they’re not 100% true/false. So, in this 5 scientific facts: is smoking weed bad or not post, we’ll give you some hard facts that you’ll be able to chew on.

Some folks claim that it makes you fat; others claim it makes you lose weight. Then there’s the theory that weed helps your body fight various diseases, or maybe it affects your nervous system? Let us go ahead and try to answer at least some of the most popular questions.

Please note that science is hazy on this subject, but it’s always better to know some basic things about weed than to be completely blind. As a general rule, nothing that comes with the tag “drugs” on it can ever be healthy. It’s known that marijuana can dull down your emotional responses and reflexes – this was proved by various research. The rest of today’s list isn’t as definitive; yet, again, make sure to get yourself familiar with it all.

5 Scientific Facts: Is Smoking Weed Bad Or Not?

#1 – It’s Capable Of Hurting Your Blood Vessels

How is this possible? According to AHA (the American Heart Associaton), secondhand smoke is not as “innocent” as most of us initially thought. Tests on rats proved that the ones inhaling weed had slower arteries for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Alternatively, when the poor brutes inhaled tobacco smoke, everything went back to normal in only 30 minutes.

Please don’t let this information go unnoticed: the more people smoke, the more they increase the chance of clogged arteries, which can lead to all kinds of problems, including death due to heart failure.

#2 – Your Short-Term Memory Is Also In Danger

You do know that the stoners have a bad reputation when it comes to clear thinking and remembering things, right? Well, as science claims, that’s actually backed up by real-world tests. We’re not saying that you’ll completely lose your memory if you smoke every single day, but the thread is there, and it’s real. Furthermore, the brains of heavy smokers form in a slightly different way which, again, is not really good.

#3 – It’s Not That Great For Creative People

Usually, when we ask ourselves – is smoking weed bad or not, the images of recording artists (rappers, mostly) come to mind. They believe that kush helps them concentrate on their art more and gives the necessary “inspiration” to make music. However, recent studies show that stoners can’t compete with the “sober” in solving problems. Not to say that it has much to do with creativity, but that “dampening effect” is still there.

#4 – It’s Actually Good For Your Bones

Yep, you heard it: despite the fact that weed is generally bad, it does have some positive side-effects as well. Don’t take their word for it, but some scientists in Tel Aviv claim that cannabis can help your bones recover faster. Tests were done on mice, and weed proved to be a great “remedy” for them.

#5 – Weed Makes People More Vulnerable To Alzheimer’s Disease

The bottom line is – if you don’t want a faded mind and prefer to always stay sharp, stop smoking like a chimney. Smokers run the risk of developing low blood flow (especially to the vital organs, the brain, in particular), thus making themselves easy targets for Alzheimer’s. So, is smoking weed bad? Absolutely!

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