It’s not easy to be away from your best friend, especially if you’re BFFs. They say that it’s the ladies that take it the hardest, but the truth is – the fellas can get just as emotional and lonely without their best buds. The following 5 best long distance friendship gifts will help you show your appreciation of that person and to make the separation a little bit easier to bear.

We’ve got quite a nice collection for you. Just keep in mind that while certain gifts will be perfect for two girls sharing a strong connection, they simply won’t be appropriate if your friend is a grown man. You don’t want to confuse your friends instead of making them happy, right?

Alright, let’s get right to it – our list of the finest long distance friendship gifts. The greatest thing about these cute presents is the fact that they are totally affordable. And, even if you can’t find any of these at your local store, rest assured that they will have something similar that carries the same message.

5 Best Long Distance Friendship Gifts

#1 – Matching Coffee Mugs

As we just said, make sure to keep your friend’s character in mind. There are tons of beautiful variations, especially if you choose to order from online retailers. Two people sharing the same telephone line on both mugs, a comic book hero/villain divided in two – whatever comes to mind. The goal here is to pick mugs that serve as the canvas for one big, beautiful picture, and when you move the mugs away from each other, the picture falls apart.

#2 – Hand-Made Key Chains

You don’t necessarily have to put a key on it: use your imagination and “attach” something that reminds the two of you of your time together. It might be a piece of cardboard with a message and/or shaped as your home country. Some people love to send each other keychains with cute animals; others prefer tiny Coca-Cola bottles. The most important task is to find that special thing that will instantly bring back good memories.

#3 – E/W And S/N Necklaces

These will be equally great if you’re missing a guy or a girl. In fact, necklaces are considered to be one of the most popular long distance friendship gifts. They also come with all kinds of writings on the back side. If it’s a man you’re missing, “I will follow wherever you go” will look quite amazing. And if you can’t wait to get back together with a woman, send her a necklace with “You are always in my heart.”

#4 – Pizza Bracelets

Yep, it’s a thing, and, judging by the online sales, this is quite a popular trend. It does look pretty cool, doesn’t it? As you can see, Pizza bracelets are usually intended for a group of buddies, not just two people. Best high-school friends that are about to enter adult life will probably appreciate a bunch of these. Get your “slice of the pie” and always remember the crazy/ridiculous/totally awesome moments that y’all shared.

#5 – Matching Phone Cases

While an iPhone case might not be as romantic as, say, a keychain, it will still look cool. Besides, you’ll be carrying that phone with you 24/7, which means that friend will be close to heart at all times. Again, there are numerous variations – take some time to find the right ones. Best Friends, Buddies For Life, and Soul Sisters are some of the most popular combinations.

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