During the teenage years, everything happens for the first time, and that’s equally exciting and frightening, especially when it comes to dating girls/boys. So, today, we’ll discuss 5 best first date ideas for teenagers. They might not be perfect for your situation, that’s true, but at least you will have some points of reference and a couple of cool ideas to try in your next date.

Now, as we’re talking about young men and women, it would be best for these options to be as cheap as possible, simply because you won’t be able to afford anything expensive. Well, don’t you worry: we’ve picked up the most affordable ideas that won’t be a financial problem for you.

The bottom line is – in order to have a fantastic time with your loved one, you don’t necessarily have to be a rich dude/gal. With that said, if you’re all about that romance and what to give your significant other a good time, don’t be shy to check out our first date ideas for teenagers. Who knows, maybe after this post you’ll finally have that perfect date you’ve been dreaming about?

The Best First Date Ideas For Teenagers – The Cheapest Options

#1 – Go For A Walk With The Boy/Girl

There’s nothing more romantic and intimate than admiring Mother Nature while holding hands. It would be great if it’s getting dark outside or if the sun is just rising – that will create just the right atmosphere. Without a doubt, this is the cheapest date idea, as you won’t have to spend a single penny on it. A park, a beach, the woods – make your pick.

Remember: this isn’t a marathon, which means slow steps are in order. A camera might be a good companion on this date: ask your partner to take some pictures of you; do the same with him/her.

#2 – Have A Nice Picnic Together

This is another one of those classic date ideas for teens. As mentioned earlier, this is probably the first time you’re both doing that; so, don’t worry about him/her not liking it. If you’re super-low on the budget, grab some sodas, snacks, and cookies from home and throw them into the bag. A blanket is also necessary for having a successful date in the park.

Find a shady spot under a tree, and you’re all set! Note: along with the food, you’ll need to bring some stuff to keep the other person excited: shooting hoops, playing some card games, and laughing at other folks are perfect for this.

#3 – Go For A Romantic Bike Ride

Why not enjoy a ride on a bike on your very first date? It will give you some time to “check each other out” and get your heart pumping really fast. No need to own a bike; just rent one (or, rather, two) and fire away! The best thing about this is that you don’t have to talk all the time and can rather focus on the road. An ice-cream or a cold bottle of soda at the end of the ride will be great.

The Best First Date Ideas For Teenagers – Doing Something Social

#4 – Try Your Luck In Bowling

This is a very simple game and even people without any skills whatsoever will be able to have fun with it. Of all the first date ideas for teenagers, this one is incredibly popular with the American kids. If you want to be alone with your girl/boy, pick a day when there’s almost no crowd. Bowling can be enjoyed in rain and snow; plus, it doesn’t require us to be in a good shape. It is one of those games that give you a good time regardless of the score.

#5 – Sing Your Heart Out In Karaoke

Yes, most of us are too shy to sing out loud, especially when there are others in the room as well. But when you overcome that fear/confusion/embarrassment, you’ll realize that karaoke is a very fun activity. As they say, once you sing your heart out to someone, there’s nothing more to hide: it’s all there.

Be aware: some karaoke clubs don’t allow teenagers in after 00:00 AM. It would be best to get on that stage and sing together. True, the performance might be really bad, but it will be your special moment and it will bring the two of you closer together.

The Best First Date Ideas For Teenagers – The More Traditional Dates

We just talked about the most popular and effective first date options for the teens. However, that’s not all. If you have at least some basic cooking skills, ask the girl/boy to join you in making dinner. It may sound stupid and ridiculous right now, but it can be the most romantic date of your life.

And how about checking out a museum/movie/theater/game with the person you like? These are by far the easiest and most straightforward things to do. And while our list is a lot more creative and exciting, sometimes, it would be wiser to just invite them to a movie night and see how it goes from there.

Playing some board games is also an option, especially when you don’t have the time to plan anything. If that’s the case, just go to his/her house and ask them to play with you. Even if their parents are there, they’ll probably let you in and offer you something to drink.

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