Who says it’s easier to date boys than girls? In many ways, it’s a lot harder for the ladies, as most fellas are used to objectifying them on every step of the way. In this 10 Ways To Succeed In Dating Boys post, we’ll talk about the most important things that you’ll need to do to impress Mr. Perfect on your upcoming date.

Obviously, there aren’t any 100% right and wrong rules when it comes to this; yet, there are certain tried-and-true tips and tricks that can be quite helpful. Alright, ready to dive into a world full of fancy dresses, tons of lipstick, and delicious wine? Let’s roll!

10 Ways To Succeed In Dating Boys – The Basics

#1 – Always Look Your Best

This doesn’t mean that you need to always wear several pounds of makeup to look good. No, we’re talking about the regular, day-to-day things, like putting something sexy on, having a nice haircut, and smiling back at random people. If you have the hourglass body type, then tight dresses/blouses that accentuate those curves will be best.

If you’re a “Pear”, then shirts and tank tops should be on your list. Apple-like ladies have attractive legs. So, wear short dresses and skirts. The same goes for the Triangle-like body type. And finally, the Rectangle ladies should go with t-shirts.

#2 – Be A Mysterious Woman

An intriguing lady is always attractive. The key in flirting is to make him crave for more. During small talk, try to tell him as little about yourself as possible. At the same time, don’t hesitate to let him tell as much about himself as he wants.

Learning about his interests can be equally fun and educational. A quick note: a mysterious woman isn’t one that doesn’t say ANYTHING about herself: it’s just a woman that doesn’t reveal all the cards on the first date.

#3 – Don’t Be Afraid To Flirt

This is another one of those things that attract men. Of the 10 ways to succeed in dating boys, this is in the top-3. First of all, a flirtatious woman boosts a guy’s confidence. Secondly, it creates a very playful atmosphere for both parties. Obviously, you shouldn’t be too open and “aggressive” so that he doesn’t get the wrong idea. Be a tease and bait him during the first couple of dates. Slight touches will also get him excited.

10 Ways To Succeed In Dating Boys – Upping Your Game

#4 – Choose Your Outfit Wisely

A woman’s dress can say a lot about her. True, you want to impress the guy you’re about to meet for the first time, but don’t overdo it (because that will make you look desperate). It goes without saying that if he invited you to the movies, a cocktail dress won’t be appropriate. Plus, if you’re supposed to meet him at a restaurant/bar/café that is new to you, make sure to check it out online to get the overall vibe.

#5 – Be Confident

Confidence is a very attractive quality in both sexes. Treat this date as just another fun night. If you get too nervous/excited, your body will “sell you out” by getting shaky, sweaty, or worse. Take some time before the actual date to relax: listen to some calming music, read a book, or take a shower. And remember: if he invited you on a date, that means he’s interested in you and will try to be cool and funny. All you’ll have to do is let him lead!

#6 – Keep It G

What that means is you should behave like a true Gangsta (cool, light-hearted, and friendly). As we just said, it’s usually the men that are trying to impress, not the other way around. Some women are too clingy and try to get married after the first date – don’t be like that!

Keep it fun and casual. On the first date, people are just getting to know each other; so, act accordingly. And if he proves to be worthy of your attention, give him small hints that you’re interested in something more meaningful.

10 Ways To Succeed In Dating Boys – Taking It A Step Further

#7 – Try Going On A Double Date

Why not, right? Usually, this comes to mind after the first couple of solo dates as a means of taking your relationship to the next level. A double date will allow both you and your potential boyfriend to relax. Dating boys can be a tricky game, but on a DD, everything will be a lot easier. Besides, you’ll get a chance to see how he is with other people, which is quite important.

#8 – Be Honest

Yes, we know that it’s hard sometimes, but this is the best course of action. Don’t tell him lies about yourself to look better than you actually are. Plus, if you’re starting to really like him, don’t hesitate to say it. Come up with some exciting ideas for your next date and ask him to join you. On the other hand, if he’s not really Prince Charming, then you’ll need to tell him how you feel – the sooner, the better.

#9 – Take Rejections With Pride

No person out there likes to be rejected. Yet, that happens every now and then. Be ready for the possibility of him not being interested in anything more than just casual one-night stands. It will hurt a lot at first, but at least you’ll know that this guy can’t be in the picture anymore. In other cases, guys just need some additional time to process it all. Again, dating boys isn’t easy!

#10 – Enjoy it!

Dating is quite an exciting and intriguing game. Make sure to enjoy it to the fullest!

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