It’s a known fact that the schools/classes in anime often play vital roles in their success and make the fans love the stories even more. Plus, school trips are always big-time events in manga/anime. So, today we’ll take a look at the 10 top anime schools for a perfect trip.

First of all, these journeys allow the kids to spend more time together and socialize away from everything that they’re used to back at home. Secondly, for the creators, it’s an amazing opportunity to put the lead characters through a series of misfortunes/shenanigans just to make us all laugh out loud and have a good time.

Anime!Anime! held a survey recently, and their goal was to find the most popular anime schools among the fans (or, rather, the ones that they would want to hop on a trip with). Obviously, we can’t go through the entire list, as that would take forever, but we can most definitely take a quick peek at the top 10 anime schools and focus more on the leaders of the race – the 3 best classes:

10 – Otonokizaka High School (from Love Live!), Ryouou High School 3-B (from Lucky Star)

9 – Teitan High School 2-B (from Detective Conan), Kamei High School 3-C (from Sket Dance)

8 – Misora Elementary School 6-1 (from Ojamajo Doremi), Uranohoshi Girls’ High School (from Love Live! Sunshine!!)

7 – Honnouji Academy (from Kill la Kill)

6 – PK Academy (from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

5 – Soubu High School 2-F (from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

4 – Fumizuki Academy 2-F (from Baka and Test)

As you can see, the competition was pretty fierce, as the list is even bigger than a top-10. Hanging out with the genius Conan and doing some crazy stuff with the cast of Love Live! is definitely fun; however, the most exciting stuff is yet to come! Now it is time to check out the leaders of the 10 top anime schools survey.

#3 – U.A. High School 1-A (from My Hero Academia)

Well, this was expected, wasn’t it? With 7% of the total vote, U.A. High is here to stay. As the fans already know, this place is famous for training heroes and giving them reasons to fight for. Deku, someone who dreams of saving the world and turning into a legend, will definitely be a great companion. Be vigilant, though, as you never know where an adventure with the guys from MHA might take you!

#2 – Gintama High School 3-Z (from Gintama)

This school is home to probably the most creative, gifted, and ridiculous heroes you’ve ever seen. And, the world-famous Gintoki is the high-school teacher! Who wouldn’t want to go on a school trip with the whole class and learn some wisdom from this guy? He might look young and all that, but he’s actually got a lot to share. Gintama is among the most popular and critically-acclaimed anime series.

#1 – Kunugigaoka Junior High School 3-E (from Assassination Classroom)

When it comes to the list of 10 top anime schools, no other contestant can compete with AC. Koro-sensei is a very bad guy, and in order to stop him, the kids will have to join forces and act as one. And what better way to do that than on a school trip that’s supposed to bond them together? If they fail, their teacher will literally obliterate the planet. With 26% of the total vote, Assassination Classroom is the obvious winner of today’s survey.

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