Admit it: you’re getting really nervous every time you think about finally confessing to the girl you like. But here is the good news: once you do that, that weight on your shoulders will be gone! The following guide will help you not only do the thing but also create a special, memorable moment for you both.

That’s right – in this article, you’ll learn how to confess to a girl with style. Obviously, the best way to do that is when you’re both somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in a romantic environment. Don’t ever open your heart up while you’re having a meal at the restaurant or taking care of chores at home. That’s not really how love stories begin.

Basically, just look into her eyes and tell her how you really feel. If she’s feeling the same way about you, just seal the deal by giving her a kiss. Or maybe she needs some time to think and to consider your offer, so to speak? It’s totally cool. Just tap yourself on the shoulder and wait for her answer. Alright, let’s get right to it: how to confess to a girl without making a fool of yourself.

How To Confess To A Girl – The First Steps

#1 – Assess The Situation

Take a second to check out your relationship from a different angle. Are you really on that stage when the guy tells the girl he loves her? The more important question is – will she be happy to hear those words? You have seen the movies/ TV shows where the boy is not really sure about this and his friends/the girl’s mother ensure him that everything’s’ gonna be alright, correct? Yep, that’s what you’re dealing with right now.

#2 – Ask Yourself: Is This Really What You Want?

It would be a shame if you confess and she refuses your proposal. So, you better be 100% sure about this! If you’re not, let it sit for a while. Take some time to figure out your own emotions and then make the move. Some folks claim that only adults can experience true love. Others say that love is at its purest when you’re just a teenage boy/girl.

#3 – Don’t Rush Anything; Be Gentle

Easing into it is probably the best way to go when you need to know whether she’s also in love or not. Start with something casual slash romantic like “let’s go out sometime” or “I think you’re great”. Those magical three words can be too heavy in the beginning. Keep your eye on her and see how she reacts to all those phrases. Is she saying things like “I like you?” Well, that means you’re getting really close!

#4 – Don’t Waste Any Time

This might seem like a complete opposite of what we just said, but it isn’t. Life is pretty short; so, after those careful moves, don’t hesitate to say it out loud. Tomorrow, it might be too late. And remember: these how to confess to a girl tips and tricks are very “flexible” and you can use them according to your current situation.

Get Creative And Keep It Steady

#5 – Turn Your Confession Into A Special Moment

As mentioned in the beginning, the setting has to be romantic. You need to be alone. A backyard, a beautiful (and lonely) garden, a beautiful beach – you name it. The girl needs to be totally comfy and feel safe. Now, your love story might just last forever. With that said, make sure that you’ll both remember this moment. Some fellas like to orchestrate the whole thing; others prefer to be spontaneous and go with the flow.

#6 – Don’t Confess In Public

Again: the two of you must be alone for this. True, in the movies, boys say “I love you” on prom night, in crowded restaurants, and other public spots, but that’s not a great idea in real life. It all depends on the girl, actually. If she likes to be at the center of attention, then consider doing it in public; if not, then stick to a room or another lonely spot.

#7 – Look Into Her Eyes While Doing It

Still wondering how to confess to a girl? Well, you definitely need to be looking into her eyes while doing it. Ladies like strong, confident men. Plus, that way, you’ll have all of her attention. Can’t seem to find a moment when you’re both alone and she isn’t busy? Then just say something like “I wanna talk to you” and spit it out.

How To Confess To A Girl – Going Straight For The Prize

#8 – Say It Already!

Ok, we’re almost done with this how to confess to a girl tutorial. All that’s left to do is say “I love you” and see how she reacts. Yep, this is the simplest step. The most important thing here is to control your emotions. Be honest with her and let the girl say something back. Oh, and she needs to know that you are serious about this and aren’t just playing around.

#9 – Kiss Her And Seal The Deal

This is the most logical and natural thing to do after she says “I love you too.” No need to hold yourself back: kiss her like you mean it and let the whole world know that she’s your girl now. Feels good to know that you love someone, and that person loves you back, doesn’t it? At this moment, those three short words and that kiss will mean the world to both of you.

#10 – Enjoy Your New Life

It is official: you’re a couple now, with “certified” feelings towards each other. It will take some time to sink in, and your friends and family members will probably treat you a bit differently from now on. Finally, thank God for helping you find love and make sure your girlfriend knows that she’s special!

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