Sometimes, it can be a bit intimidating to realize that you’re actually in love. However, you shouldn’t be afraid! With the help of our “How to tell if you love someone” guide, you’ll be able to figure out whether it’s pure emotions or just a “momentary thing.” According to numerous studies, the most effective way to figure out the real truth is to view it from a different, objective angle.

First of all, you’ll need to evaluate your emotions, think about the ways this man/woman affects you. Then, try to understand the way you act when they are in the vicinity. The next 10 steps are here to guide you through it all.

We’re not saying that it always goes this way, but in order to answer the vital question – How to tell if you love someone –, you’ll need all the help you can get! Ok, let us get straight to it.

How To Tell If You Love Someone – Putting Emotions First

#1 – Start By Evaluating Your Own Emotions

It goes without saying that emotions are the most obvious signs of our attitude towards someone (or something), and love is one of the biggest emotions on the planet. As we just suggested, do some “time traveling” and remember the day you met the Prince/Princess: are you feeling the same way, or has something changed over the course of time?

The thing is – love is capable of growing, and if it hasn’t, then it’s probably just a fling. This might sound too corny, but make a list of all the pros and cons. Seeing it all on paper will give you a clear perspective. Don’t be afraid to tell the whole truth, as that’s the point of all this.

#2 – Be Honest With Yourself

This is probably the hardest step in this How to tell if you love someone guide. Spend some time on that list of yours and give those pros and cons some time to sink in. If you notice yourself smiling all the time while writing about him/her, that is a very clear sign of affection.

Now, the boys might think that this is stupid or girlish, but it can actually be very helpful. Fact: if you are ready to accept that person for whoever they are, that means you’re in love, period! On the other hand, if you act as if you’re on the farmer’s market, then this isn’t something real.

#3 – Check Whether You’re Empathetic Or Not

Empathy is another strong sign of a person in love. So, whenever you catch yourself tearing up listening to a sad story he/she is telling you, that means this is something more serious than just another crush. We usually get emotionally attached to the problems of other people only when we love them. This isn’t a 100% rule, but do pay attention to it.

How To Tell If You Love Someone – Using A More Mature Approach

#4 – Take Some Time To Test Your Love

We say “I miss you” all the time, but do we really mean those words? With that said, check whether you’re hurting when they’re not around or not. Men/women that can’t spend 5 minutes without their significant others by their side are in love – deeply. Use this How to tell if you love someone trick every time you’re not sure about your emotions. We all need some time to ourselves, but not when we’re in love.

#5 – Think 5 To 10 Years Ahead – Are They Still In The Picture?

Infatuation is different from being in love, and that difference can be recognized when thinking about the future plans: do you see that person next to you in a decade? Are you ready to have kids with them and overcome difficulties together? Can you imagine yourself taking care of him/her when they fall ill and rely on them to take good care of you?

#6 – Recognize The Newly-Found Joy in Simple Things

If you find yourself being happy about regular things that you don’t really like/consider to be normal when you’re next to them that means you’re in love. Most of us never get excited about grocery shopping; however, we do find it thrilling when that significant other joins us on this trip. So, how to tell if you love someone? If shopping brings you joy with him/her, then this is more than a crush!

#7 – Feel The Anger When They Are Taking To Others

People in love can’t really stand when their loved ones start to talk to strangers of the opposite sex, because they consider them to be competition. Jealousy is not a particularly great feeling, but when it comes to the person you love, it can actually mean that you care about them enough to get angry in these situations.

How To Tell If You Love Someone – Noting The Subtle Changes

#8 – Let Your Own Physical Reactions Answer The Question

Typically, in order for us to get sweaty, something extraordinary/dangerous needs to happen. Same goes for when our hearts start beating like crazy. Does any of that happen to you when he/she is around? Shaky hands and a different, less confident voice might mean you’re deeply in love; in other cases, this means you just want to get physical with them.

#9 – Note Your (Suddenly Increased) Generosity

Human beings are pretty greedy, which means if you find yourself lending them money/a precious thing, that is a clear sign of being head over heels for them. Sharing is caring (or loving). This might seem a bit silly or even childish to you, but it’s not.

#10 – Recognize Your Reactions To Their Victories

Even the best friends can make us sad/frustrated by succeeding at something we fail at. That doesn’t apply to people we love, though. For example, if the boy you like passed the exam with flying colors while you failed, and you’re all smiles instead of avoiding his attention, that’s probably because you’re too happy for him to be sad for yourself. This is pure love!

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