What’s the difference between hot, freaky, and cute? Sometimes, the borders are so blurry that you can’t really see it. So, even though this post is called 10 freaky things to say to your girlfriend, you gotta always remember that in some cases, telling her she’s beautiful or that she’s a great mom might be the thing that turns her on the most.

It depends a lot on how long you’ve been dating or married. If you’ve known her for years, then it will probably be harder for you to impress her; on the other hand, married women aren’t that “picky” and will enjoy even some basic compliments that you send their way. As a general rule, women like to be touched a lot more than men; therefore, some gentle touches by loving hands can do the trick.

Furthermore, the ladies can’t live without that “music for their ears” – the loving/sexy/freaky things that you say in their ears or in front of a big crowd. The one thing you need to remember is that every single one of the 10 freaky things to say to your girlfriend will sound better if you put your heart and soul into it.

Freaky Things To Say To Your Girlfriend – Making Her Feel Special

#1 – You’re In Control

That simple phrase can turn a woman on in a second if you say it the right way. Usually, it’s the males that dominate in sex, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. At the same time, there’s nothing sexier and more fun than when you let your girl set the pace. Don’t overdo it, though, because, again, a man is a man, and if you start acting that way too often, she might just lose her interest in you as a sexual partner.

#2 – Tonight Is All About You

True, you should always try to put your girl first and make sure she’s satisfied, but there’s something about this phrase that gets women going. Maybe it’s the romantic movies and novels that they read? It doesn’t really matter, as far as you’re honest in your desire to please her.

Go ahead and let her know that she is special to you and you’re ready to go that extra mile to please her. Of the 10 freaky things to say to your girlfriend, this is definitely among the easiest and most effective ones.

#3 – I Want To Give You A Bath

This actually dates back to the middle ages, back when people had no showers and had to bathe in a tub. Plus, when a man is bathing a totally healthy and capable woman, it helps the two of them to connect on an entirely different level.

Besides, if you do everything right, you’ll probably get lucky tonight! It’s pretty hard for women to switch from work to family life and feeling sexy. A bath is a perfect way for you to help her to do that. Plus, a warm bath will get her to appreciate you more than ever before.

 Freaky Things To Say To Your Girlfriend – Taking Things Into Your Own Hands

#4 – Using Messages And Emails

Some guys think that it takes a very dirty/filthy message to turn a woman on, but it actually depends a lot on the environment, so to speak. Say, if she’s currently at work and you send her a naughty message on the phone or email on the computer, it will definitely have a great effect. The fact that she’s not alone and people might read what you sent her will get most girls to feel like it got hot all of a sudden. Spontaneous things are sexy – remember that.

#5 – Making Her Feel That She Belongs To You

No, we’re not talking about extreme things like the Red Room from that famous book/movie. Yet, it’s natural for a woman to be submissive (again, to a certain level), and if you let her know that she belongs to you, that will take the relationship to a whole another level. Saying things like “you’re mine forever” or “you’ll never get away from me” will sound equally sexy and creepy, which, again, most women are into.

#6 – Keeping It Mysterious

There’s nothing freakier and sexier than mystery. That’s equally true whether you’re just getting started or have been together for years. So, send her a message with coordinates and clear instructions where she needs to be at a certain time (say, tonight). If it takes her to a hotel with you waiting for her there that will be a night she’ll remember. And don’t be afraid to speak dirty to her or pretend to be someone else. Even though she’ll know it’s you that will still turn her on.

#7 – Be Confident

Confidence is very attractive in a man – that’s a known fact. And, as far as the 10 freaky things to say to your girlfriend go, keeping it to a minimum is what you need. Only use words like yes, no, and absolutely. Be her master, tell her what to do, and she’ll follow. And, keep saying that she’s beautiful and let her hear you say her name.

Make sure your voice is strong and steady. Plus, as mentioned, women are quite insecure; thus, she wants to hear you compliment her body. Get freaky, don’t be shy to point out every single part of her body and the things that you’re going to do to them.

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