In case you didn’t know, an otaku is a person obsessed with anime/manga and everything that comes with it. In today’s 10 Finest Otaku Characters survey, we’ll try to find the most popular anime heroes that are just as much in love with the genre as the biggest fans. There’s nothing better than finding a virtual character that has similar hobbies with you.

This might sound weird, but it’s actually pretty logical for the anime characters to love the very genre that they are a big part of. So, now that we know exactly what an otaku means, let us take a look at the winners and see whether you’ll find some of your favorites in there or not.

Now, the 10 Finest Otaku Characters list is too big to discuss every single entry, and that is exactly why we decided to talk less about the 10-4 and focus our attention on the top-3. Alright, without further ado, let us check out the list and then switch to the meat and potatoes, so to speak:

10 – Yumasaki Walker (from Durarara!!)

9 – Kousaka Kirino (from Oreimo)

8 – Kagami Junichirou, (from Ultimate Otaku Teacher)

7 – Takebayashi Koutarou (from Assassination Classroom)

6 – Milluki Zoldyck (from Hunter X Hunter)

5 – Sakonji Tatsunosuke (from KochiKame)

4 – Usui Kazuyoshi (from Sket Dance)

Did you notice that Kousaka is the only lady on the list? Yep, the rest are all fellas. We bet you know and love at least half of the anime we just listed, including Assassination Classroom, Hunter X Hunter, and Durarara!! But what about the champions of today’s race, you might ask? What do the winners of the 10 Finest Otaku Characters survey have to offer? Is the top-3 also dominated by males, or maybe the girls beat the men to it?

#3 – Izumi Konata, Lucky Star

Despite the fact that this “ancient” series was serialized 15 years ago – in 2003, to be exact – Izumi still managed to get that bronze medal. Cute, smart, and all kinds of amazing, this blue-haired young miss is nothing short of a rock star.

She is equally mischievous and lazy, but that’s actually a huge part of her charm. Manga and video games are two of her biggest passions, and Izumi is ready to play and read 24/7 without any breaks. As far as the most charismatic female characters in anime go, this one is definitely among the leaders.

#2 – Onoda Sakamichi, Yowamushi Pedal

This overzealous boy is even more obsessed with everything anime than Konata. True, he is pretty shy, but when he’s on that bike, nothing can stop him! Nobody really expected this kid to join the prestigious Bicycle Club, but he ended up being one of the leaders. A big fan of climbing, he keeps singing the same old song from a special anime, driving his opponents mad. In an attempt to grab all the anime goods from Akihabara, he is ready to dedicate all of his time and energy to climbing.

#1 – Doma Umaru, Himouto! Umaru-chan

Ok, this is it – the winner of our 10 finest Otaku Characters survey! And yes, Doma is a girl, which means even though there are more males than females on today’s list, it’s a win for the ladies! Onoda was pretty close to stealing that golden medal, though.

By the way, Himouto! was serialized in 2013 and is the newest anime in the top-3. Interesting fact: Doma can switch between two completely different “modes”: the 1st one is pretty basic and she’s just another regular girl. The 2nd form, however, shows her true otaku colors.

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