Admit it: you had more than one crush in your teenage years, and some of the boys weren’t real…Yes, in this 10 best male characters from anime to marry post, we’ll be talking about the most handsome and manly boys/young man from anime. Now, it’s important to point out that flings, flirts, and “free” relationships are one thing, but if you’re looking for husband material, that’s an entirely different story.

Keep that in mind while scrolling through our list. These are the guys that will stay by your side when you get sick, give you surprise gifts, and always put their loved ones first. We based the list on a survey, a poll that lasted for 3 days.

Overall, 1900+ people gave their votes (most of them were girls, of course), which means the results are quite accurate. So, are you ready to check out what we’ve got in stores for you? Please don’t be mad if your favorites didn’t make it, because, again, it wasn’t us that came up with the 10 best male characters from anime to marry list:

10 – HishikataToshizou (from Hakuoki)

9 – Kido Hiroshi (from Barakamon)

8 – Victor Nikiforov (from Yuri!!! on Ice)

7 – KazehayaShota (from KiminiTodoke)

6 – Miyuki Kazuya (from Ace of Diamond)

5 – Akashi Seijuro (from Kuroko no Basuke)

4 – Levi (from Attack On Titan)

Just take a minute to imagine any of these guys buying you flowers for your birthday or taking care of some chores at home: wouldn’t that be absolutely perfect? Levi, Victor, and Akashi would’ve definitely been higher on our own, personal list, but, again, these are the results of a survey. With that said, can you guess which guys managed to enter the top-3 and win the medals? Are these characters “fresh”, or old-school? Let us find out right this second!

#3 – SakataGintoki (from Gintama)

Know as the White Demon, this guy could (and still can) take out an entire army all by himself. Then, he went on to found Yorozuya. At the same time, even though he is incredibly powerful, the man is somewhat lazy, so, don’t expect him to take care of everything at home.

Note: for those that he loves, Sakata is ready to do whatever’s necessary to see a smile on their faces. For that, he certainly deserves the #3 spot on our 10 best male characters from anime to marry list. Plus, he’s playful and a bit childish, which will help the two of you keep things interesting.

#2 – Roy Mustang (from Fullmetal Alchemist)

You better not mess with Roy, because he’s a colonel. This is a hero of a war and a well-respected man with connections that go all the way up to the leader. The ladies really love this character, because aside from being a handsome bad boy, he’ll also a natural-born leader with a unique vision and talent in warfare. Add a great sense of humor, and you’ll get a near-perfect image of a man to have as your husband.

#1 – TachibanaMakoto (from Free!)

Really, this guy is the gold medal winner? Well, don’t be quick to judge! First of all, he’s got the looks; secondly, he’s a gifted swimmer, the captain of his school’s team. Besides, underneath that hero mask, he has a very caring heart that any girl will fall for. If you’re in trouble, he’ll do everything in his power and more to help you out. Plus, he can also get scared, which makes him an even bigger sweetheart.

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