When it comes to anime, there are dozens of amazing maids that have a special place in our hearts. That’s exactly why this “10 best maids in anime” list was so hard to compile. Usually, it’s the teenage boys that fall for their skirts and perfect manners, but sometimes, even grown-up men can’t resist their charm.

We based this post on a survey made by the legendary Anime!Anime! Interesting fact: 56 percent of the responders were girls, which proves that maids can charm their way into the hearts and minds of both the fellas and the gals!  As always, we won’t focus our attention on the lower ranks and go straight for the price – the top-3.

Here is the list of all those maids that couldn’t make it to the top but are still worthy of our attention. Maybe some of these exceptional ladies are your favorites? Make sure to share your own opinion:

#10 – Komiya Chiyo – Shonen Maid

#9 – Tama – Gintama

#8 – Mey-Rin – Black Butler

#7 – Minalinsky (Minami Kotori) – Love Live!

#6 – Maria – Hayate the Combat Butler

Isn’t it strange for you that world-famous characters like Tama, Mey-Rin, and Minami Kotori weren’t able to fight for the medals? Well, that only means that the “10 best maids in anime” list is full of surprises, and the competition was stiffer than ever! Ok, let us go ahead and take a closer look at the winners today.

#3 – Tohru – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Wait, where’s the #4 spot, you might ask? Well, here’s the thing: Tohru is actually sharing the 4th/3rd place with the beautiful Misaki from a wonderful (and funny) anime called Maid Sama! Both girls managed to get 7% of the total vote, which makes them equally worthy of the bronze medal. Misaki is a stand-up young lady, a high-school student who’s also working as a maid.

Tohru, in turn, is a dragon (yes, you heard us right), but she is just as full of love and life as her rival. Get this: after the survey, Fujiwara Hiro the man that single-handedly created the series (Maid Mama!), shared his appreciation online.

#2 – Roberta – Black Dragon

This cute young woman won 10% of the total vote, which brought her the silver medal. She’s been working for the Lovelace household for a very long time, and every single person around her thinks that she’s nice and harmless.

However, that’s not really who Roberta is. She is a ruthless killer with perfect instincts, despite the good-girl act. What else is she hiding from the rest of the world while pretending to be just another maid that will never even hurt a bird? Roberta is not to be messed with, that’s for sure.

#1 – Rem – Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World

Ok, we’ve made it to the #1 spot of the top 10 best maids in anime list. Rem received 22% of the total vote, thus becoming the undisputed winner of today’s competition. This girl is the cutest maid in the world, plus, millions of guys around the world consider her to be a beloved waifu. Those big eyes, innocent look, and uniform will drive you crazy!

It’s not a crime to fall in love with an anime character: that’s exactly why we come up with lists like this one! Is your favorite maid on our list? Or maybe she didn’t even make it? Tell us about your best-of-the-best maids and let’s see whether we think alike or not.

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