School is boring, especially when it’s still sunny outside and you want to have some fun. However, with the help of any of the fellas from today’s 10 best anime guys to do homework with, you’ll feel like time is flying! Yes, summer is over, which means it’s time to go back to studying.

Now, while most movies about teens struggling with their homework like to introduce some beautiful girls that help the boys out, we decided to switch it up a bit. As the title claims, the focus today will be on the young men that can help you get an A+ even if you’ve been ditching school for like forever.

Every single one of these characters is a genius (or, at the very least, is very, very smart), and you’ll get better grades after a couple of sessions with them. Fact: it was the anime fans that ranked them, not our staff, and the survey were done among men and women; so, blame them if you don’t see your favorite bookworm on the list! Ok, let us go right ahead and take a look at the 10 best anime guys to do homework with:

10 – Yagami Light (from Death Note)

9 – Maruo Eiichiro (from Baby Steps)

8 – Shikamaru (from Naruto)

7 – Ernesti Echevarria (from Knight’s & Magic)

6 – Dekisugi Hidetoshi (from Doraemon)

5 – Akashi Seijuro (from Kuroko no Basuke)

4 – Lelouch Lamperouge (from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

Shikamaru and Dekisugi are our personal favorites; the rest of the characters are also well-known and internationally loved. Yet, they didn’t make it into the top-3. So, who are the lucky fellas that managed to win the medals and take over the hearts and minds of the fans? Could it be the famous Detective Conan? Or maybe it was someone even more iconic than the witty genius? It’s time to find out!

#3 – Sakamoto (from Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

This guy is all about knowledge. He’s got an incredibly strong mind and puts it to good use. It’s safe to say that he never fails and always accomplishes his goals. Tall, dark, broody, and with glasses that make him look really cool, Sakamoto is the perfect study buddy if you’re a teenage girl and like dark-haired boys.

Yes, the guy goes to high-school, even though he does look like a much older man. Oh, and one last thing: don’t let those “haunting” looks scare you, because he’s actually quite a nice person.

#2 – Tachibana Makoto, Free!

For the young ladies that prefer cute boys over bad boys, Tachibana will be a far better pick. Get this: the female half of the anime fans chose him as their #1 character to study with! He is kind, well-educated, looks good, and won’t ever hurt a soul. It’s actually not that common to see a guy like that taking his homework seriously, which means it’s a win-win situation for the girls. As a positive influence and the necessary “engine” that will help you get at least a decent grade, he’s simply ideal.

#1 – Edogawa Conan, Detective Conan

Yep, we all knew Conan was going to with this race! Of the 10 best anime guys to do homework with, he’s simply the smartest one. Plus, despite the young age, he’s actually a grown man and can teach you more than just how to do your homework. In case you didn’t know, Edogawa is a high-school student locked inside the body of a little kid. The male voters put him on the pedestal, while the female voters weren’t so quick to cheer for him.

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