AKA Alicization, the upcoming season of SAO, has finally announced the names of the artists working on the theme songs for the new episodes. It goes without saying that the Sword Art Online season 3 themes are a huge part of the story (just like in most anime) and the team had to go through numerous options before they found this perfect combination.

LiSA, a gifted singer slash songwriter, will perform the intro song for S3, and judging by her previous tracks, we’re confident that this new song will be equally heart-warming and heart-wrenching. Fact: this artist has performed the themes for the previous two seasons.

But what about the ending theme, you might ask? Aoi Eir, another talented singer, has also had the privilege of working with this series in the past. With that said, we’re more than confident that the Sword Art Online season 3 theme (both the intro and the outro) will be just as good as all previous ones. Go check out what these amazing artists have to offer right now!

A beautiful song with lovely lyrics and an enchanting voice can be the one thing that turns a good story into an excellent one. In case you were wondering, the new episodes will become available this October. Yes, the wait is almost over.

Sword Art Online – Bigger Than Life

As mentioned, Alicization is the 3rd season of the highly popular Sword Art Online anime. Kirito, the hero of the story, finds himself locked up in a virtual reality – again. And, in order to make it out of that online game, he’ll have to travel for miles and fight numerous enemies.

On his journey, the boy meets Eugeo, an in-game character who seems to have human feelings and emotions, and a dashing young girl with golden hair – Alice. Together, the three of them will have to rely on each other and search this huge world for a possible “portal” into the real world.

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