Some women claim that before they started taking birth control pills, they used to be slim and sexy. And after getting on those damn pills they gained a lot of pounds. In this post, we’ll try to find the answer to their question: does birth control make you fat or not? As always, there isn’t one simple answer, which is exactly why we decided to give you a list of possible outcomes of doing it.

Obviously, these pills might not be the only reason behind your sudden weight gain. Most of the time, it also has to do something with stress, overeating (again, due to stress), some hormonal changes, etc.

Regardless, our focus today is on the possible effects of birth control – nothing more, nothing less. So, get comfortable in your chair and let us take a listen to what the medics, scientists, and psychologists have to say. After all, they’re the experts, not us, right?

Does Birth Control Make You Fat Or Not – Getting Right To It

#1 – Your Body Is Playing Tricks On You

It took humanity years of experiments, tests, and studies to come up with the next claim: birth control is NOT related to actual weight gain in any way. Now, here’s the interesting part: an implant, a pill, or any other type of birth control might “nudge” a woman’s body into holding more fluid in before the period than usual.

That way, you will “gain” a couple of pounds; but they’ll go away with the period. Keep in mind that hormonal birth control can give you additional 1-4 pounds, and that’s totally normal. Note: stay away from the Depo-Provera shot, because it does result in weight gain.

#2 – Estrogen Is Making You Eat More

As we said in the beginning, you getting fat might have to do with simple overeating. But where does it come from? Estrogen is a vital part of any form of birth control, and it tends to cause some “disturbance” in the form of never-ending hunger. You will find yourself constantly wanting to eat something. Estrogen affects the appetite hormones, and thus, you turn into a guzzler. So, does birth control make you fat? Yes, it does, but only by making you overeat.

#3 – Sudden Changes In Lifestyle Could Be The Cause

A good advice for all the ladies out there: before blaming the poor pills for every single bad thing that’s happening in your life, try to look at your situation from a different angle. A change of scenery, a break-up with the boyfriend, and a tough break at work – all those factors can make you eat a lot and/or switch to unhealthy food. No, we’re not saying that birth control can’t ever be the reason for weight gain, but, in all fairness, it’s usually the ladies themselves that lose control.

#4 – Don’t Limit Yourself To One Pill

If after everything said and done you still feel that the pill is doing a number on you, don’t be afraid to switch to something different. Thankfully, there are more than enough options out there.

No doctor out there can give you a 100% true answer: does birth control make you fat or not, which means there’s a lot of experimentation to be done. Look for contraception that comes with a different set of hormones. Make sure to talk to your doctor about this so that he/she can give you the right recommendations.

#5 – Either Way, Lead A Healthy Life

It doesn’t really matter whether the pills are making you fat or not. The bottom line is – healthy eating and constant workouts are the way to go for a modern-day woman. You do want to look good and live a long life, right? The effects of birth control will go away in a couple of months, but your bad habits won’t!

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